If this is the wrong forum plz don't bash me to hard.
My daily driver is a 2006 Silverado hasdrum brakes in the rear. I hate them i don't know why GM did away with the 4wheel disk!! UGGG any way i have replaced the drums, shoes, and the hardware.After all this they were good for the first 1000 miles. Then they startsqueaking all over again. I can hear this over the radio with the windows up.Itís really loud. I have check and recheck again found nothing wrong. i even broughtit back to the dealer. They say it all looks good but i need to buy $1200 worthof GM parts to fix it??WTF?? I didnít buy cheap i bought top of the line justnot GM. In cold weather they grab for the first 2 or 3 breakingsafter that they seem to work fine but still squeal. It is a Z71 not sure ifthat matters.Help me please. This is really annoying!!!