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    Default K&N filters allow more dirt.

    K&N filters allow more dirt.

    Just saw this on one of my other forums and thought I should pass the link on to the test.

    It seems that the K&N air filter is not the best, or even close to it as far as filtering contaminants. Or increasing HP.

    Here is a link to the tests,

    I really havenít read threw the entire article but the graphs show more the words anyway. So seeing we are truck owners and this is an important part of fuel economy and engine longevity. I thought I should show the tests.

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    that's good to know I willclean it soon

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    Who paid for the test? I skimmed the article and didn't see that information.

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    I've seen this page before. All the info is backed by studies done by filter manufacturers. K&N isnt the best filtration media, if you look at the chart the factory paper filter is the best for filtration, and the more porous filters are best for whatever slight horse power gain may be achieved. Its a give & take situation.
    One thing this study doesnt get into is how much engine breakdown is actually attributed to dirt entering the the intake system. Penzoil did an oil breakdown study a few years ago (it was on their website but is now gone) that showed the majority of engine wear came from metal particles from the engine. Dirt and outside contaminates were not a large factor. On a Contaminate Particle test they dicovered 87% of dirt and outside contaminates were being filtered out with 1 pass and 94% with the second pass through the engine oil filtration system. This was a generic test using a non specified filter (obviously their filter scored higher on the test). While it is important to keep dirt and debris out of the intake system the test showed that engine wear was not increased significantly by intake contaminates (to a certain extent), the wear came from internal contaminates.
    Most off-roaders carry two filters one for off-road use ( K&N, Amsoil, AIM, or other reusable cleanable style) and one for daily driving use. As noted on the study paper filters have a tendency to collapse when wet and will overload in dusty conditions.

    ROCKHEAD: Dont clean that K&N so quick, one thing the study didnt point out and didnt include is the proven fact that when dirty K&N filters work better, as they get dirty the amount of dirt passing through the filter media has to be smaller and smaller. As an experienced off roader I can tell you I find much less dust behind a dirty K&N than I do behind a clean one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    Who paid for the test? I skimmed the article and didn't see that information.
    It was independently done by private individuals.

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    Question Paper or Foam?

    "Bob is the oil guy" offers his own independent tests: BITOG He says use paper filters. I'm still partial to K&N.
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    I still use a K&N too.
    When I recommend filters to people I usually recommend Paper or Dry Flow because most people have an aversion to correctly reading the K&N directions and end up having over oiling problems.

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    I just saw a commercial for a washable air filter. I think it was Fram. Not sure, but I was surprised because it was not a terribly expensive option. Granted it probably doesn't flow like some of these hi-perf filters, but washable filters are a big winner in my book, regardless of flow.
    Anyone seen this?
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    My solution to paper filters getting dirty faster has always been,

    My air compressor.

    Take the filter out bimonthly and just blow it out, from the inside to the outside. If you can see threw it after this its fine, if not just change it.

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    I think I'm guilty of letting my air filter go too long w/o changing it. Need to look into this sometime this month for both vehicles.

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