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Thread: ga$ price$

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    Default ga$ price$

    with the price gouging back again, will it affect your travel plans for the summer? as for me, I plan on driving only when I need to, like going to the store etc. I put a basket on my bicycle, and will use that for carrying light items

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    I will probably try to make better use of the driving I do and will limit it where I can. This should allow me to make my yearly trip to the Oregon coast in the new motor home I bought. It seems odd, when I had a diesel motor home diesel was higher than gas. This time I switched to gas and as of this week, diesel is 10 cents cheaper than gas (as it should be). "Price you pay for the life you live!"

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    I will still drive as much as i did when gas was 1.87 a few months ago. Now it is 2.99 and I am driving more now that i work all of the time and i am pulling a trailer so it is even worse, but at least all of my gas is tax deductable

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    Yes, once again this year as the gas companies bend us over at the pumps I will cut way back on driving. I will only go fishing and tow the boat maybe 2 -3 times max AGAIN and I once again will leave the Lobster traps in the shed. NO trips planned other than my 1st vacation in like 10 years in September.

    I am SO TIRED of the manipulation and greed that is driving these high prices it is beyond words.

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    Itís just ridicules, and then the taxes they ask over here.
    I think Iím going to fix my bicycle
    Peter Smet
    Haasdonk, Belgium

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    we just hit 2.15 today

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    Default Try $3.19!

    We hit $3.19 today , Good thing I am getting 19 mpg on my burb. Wife just ordered a MINI Cooper so that gets mid to hi 30's. I am totally disgusted with the oil companies!

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    We'll drive the same way also...
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    10mpg in the 98 2wd sierra 2500. Im hoping the burb (which should be finished any day now) will get better milage. Its a 95 1500. What does everyone elses get? After that the GMC goes away until around election season when the politicians lower it to get our votes.

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