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    Default Cooled seats for the NBS?

    I have heated seats but now would also like to get cooled seats.
    Hot Leather Seats+Shorts= Not Good. Does anybody know how I could achieve this.
    I was planning on finding some heated/cooled seats out of an avalanche and replacing them with my current ones. But then I don't know how to integrate the control switches into the silverado.

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    Hey, man. I have never heard of cooled seats in any Chevrolet vehicle... only heated seats. There are some aftermarket options, though. Hope this helps.

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    I don't know of any such cooling system for seats, but it would be nice here in Fl with black leater in my Silverado

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    Only GM vehicles that have cooled seats that I can think of, are Cadillac's. Which means the Silverado's probably aren't pre wired for them. So, you'll have to run the wiring to the seats, switch, etc. not to mention the system. The ones I have seen shoot A/C air into the seat, so I guess you would probably have to run some ducts as well? It might be all self contained in the cooled seat unit, but that's what it feels like. Air conditioned air going through the seat. The ones I have used it doesn't seem to really cool the leather itself down other than a few small area, it more of less just blows cold air on your butt.

    Also, and I could be wrong about this, but just about everything in a new vehicle runs through a computer. So, in order to get an OEM setup, you would probably have to hook up to, and program, a computer for the cooled seats. Since no silverado's/Sierra's offer this (escalades do however.. hmm..) I am not sure you could even get the proper computers for it.

    I would think they only option would be aftermarket, if you were really that interested. Honestly, I would just buy a seat of seat covers for summer..
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    don't the gmc sierra denali's have cooled seats? maybe a swap of some sort...

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    Good question!! I'll see if there are any at the office on their way to a dealer, on my way out to work tomorrow. I'll give you all an update if there is one. IF the Denali's have cooled seats OEM, it may not be too big of a swap, but then again, the harness may not be in them until the 2011 trucks. Also, you will probably need a Denali computer of some sort, or maybe reprogrammed from the dealer. Dunno how that will play out if your truck has a 5.3. Not to mention you would still need 2011 Denali seats..

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    Just wanted to give you an update. I didn't forget ya!! I looked Monday, Tuesday, and today, and didn't see any new Denali's yet. The cadillacs should have them, at least as an option, but I'm not sure about the Denali's. I didn't see ant SLTs or SLE's with them though. I would say OEM is probably not a feasible option. Aftermarket is probably the only way to go.

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    The GMC Yukon Denali's and Sierra Denali's have cooled seats. It's also an option on the regular Yukon as well. Don't know about the Chevy's because I don't sell those, but it should be an option on the LTZ. I've driven quite a few vehicles with cooled seats and I'm not impressed. They don't really get cold enough to suit me. I'm sure you could swap a cooled seat into your vehicle but the cost would probably be prohibitive.
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    I'd also like to throw in that the 2009+ Avalanche's have heated + cooled seats as an option that was also available with the 5.3, so if you needed any computers or modules, they should work from an avalanche. The seats would be a direct bolt-in, and you should be able to come up with any necessary wiring and switches from an avalanche, where everything is very similar to a silverado

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