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    Default Reconstructed title deal

    I'm considering an '09 2500 LTZ Z71 Crew cab with 15k miles. Dealer is asking 23k. It has a reconstructed title. I plan to drive this for work and put about 30k miles a year on it. At this price point I would opt for a 36 or 48 month loan.
    Will I regret buying a reconstructed title? Truck looks sweet and drives striaght.

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    As long as the truck is mechanically sound it shouldnt be a problem.
    Do you know why it was classified reconstructed?
    Is the dealer offering any type of warranty with it?
    You wont normally find a vehicle with a reconstructed title on a new car lot, I would suspect they probably owned the vehicle or had something to do with it prior to being classified so they should be able to give you information on what the cause was, this in turn should help you decide if its something you want to get involved with.
    Once you find why it was classified that way maybe you can take it to an independent mechanic and have it inspected, knowing the cause will hopefully give him a better idea of what he's looking at.
    The price looks ok for for the truck, the only place I could see for adjustment would be after finding out why its classified this way and what has been done to repair it, this would be taking in the long term considerations of the vehicle.

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    How much is it being discounted for having the reconstructed title? What would a NADA price be if it hadn't been reconstructed?

    A normal 2009 Chevy would have a very good factory warranty just 1 year old and 15,000 miles. I don't picture Chevy/GM providing ANY WARRANTY on a reconstructed title.
    The dealer will offer some warranty-I hope- since it is a $23000 vehicle. No way will an after market warranty be worth what a factory is worth.

    I'm guessing they are dropping maybe $10,000 off the price for the "bad title" and whatever that implies.So you save $10,000 up front-probably worth the risk, but I would sure try to beat them down a bit on the price(just me of course).

    If you can find out what sort of wreck it was in and what sort of repairs were done- you will be able to make a more informed choice.
    If they say they "don't know" I would walk away. To total a $45000- truck there has to be a PILE of damage-or maybe water damage-flooded etc.

    Like TBplus10 says- find out why it was reconstructed. If you can't-don't buy it.It won't have a GM warranty.

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    The truck had been t boned. Dealer has Warranty available for extra. NADA clean retail is 39k and rough trade in is 31k.

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    I would tell them at the price they are asking that you want the warranty added... Basically you get the warranty and the truck for $23K... And then add tax,tags,title... That way you will be able to keep it low enough.. Also remeber that anytime you go to sell/trade it you will have to tell the new owners before you sell it to them that it was rebuilt..


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