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    Default First impressions: Chevy 1500 LTZ 4x4 Ext Cab

    Hi all -

    I just wanted to post a quick hello and and note my initial experiences as a new 2010 Silverado 1500 owner. I spent over 2 months researching trucks, conversing with dealerships across the state, test driving, and prowling the internet for impressions and opinions on the new 1/2 tons (Chevy and Ford mostly).

    Quick overview of the truck:
    - 1500 Ext Cab LTZ
    - 5.3L w/6 speed auto
    - 3.42 rear end, 18" wheels
    - various other options including Nav, backup camera, and the power rear window
    - approximately 500 miles on it so far

    First impressions - the good and the great:
    - Overall, I am very happy with my new truck. It rides great, is quiet, has plenty of get up and go, has good mileage, and looks fantastic.
    - First tank (probably 60% freeway) gave me 18.3 mpg (including heading over a 5400' mountain pass starting from sea level)
    - Second tank is running about the same so far (18.6 mpg).
    - Auto tranny has some quirks but overall shifts smooth, quickly, and at the right times. As good or better than other auto tranny's I have had in previous trucks (4-speed in a 2001 1500HD, 4 speed in a 2001 and 2006 F150). We'll have to wait and see if the "learning" aspect makes that experience better or worse over time.
    - Despite complaints from new owners about extra road noise coming from the vents between the cab and the bed in these trucks, I have not noticed anything (thank goodness).
    - Absolutely love the remote start, power rear window, nav system, music on a thumb drive, and backup camera....not sure if they were all worth the money (esp. the nav) but I'm having fun with them. Note: I purposely skipped the sunroof because it did not have a solid sliding panel to hide it...I live where it is hot in the summer (mid 90's to low 100's), and I am not a fan of the mesh pull out panel that still let the sun into the cab.
    - XM traffic alerts have been helpful (and fairly accurate) in the Seattle area when I'm over there.
    - $5000 cash rebate and the business owner rebate (which got me a free Line-X bed liner plus the mud flaps and rear wheel liners) were great

    Minor complaints, etc:
    - Chevy should install wheel well liners in front and back stock (I bought and installed the rear myself).
    - The lack of mud flaps (esp. on an LTZ) has always been a pet peeve of mine. Crazy that I should have to install them.
    - I truly wish Chevy would offer a better price on running boards (simple black plastic that is easy to stand on and protects the body from rocks etc.). Lighted running boards would be even better.
    - Trailer brake controller. Well, a controler should come stock when you get the trailer tow package (not be an extra), otherwise it should be installable as an accessory (it is not), and I should not have to attach wires at the fuse panel and install fuses to hook up an after market controller (we used to be able to just plug in an adapter under the dash).
    - While the plastic dash and door panels seem to be OK (no squeaks, etc. so far), they really are not up to par with the competition (Fords at least).
    - As I drive mountain passes a lot (summer and winter) and use my truck for hauling and trailering, I would have preferred to get the 17" wheels and tires (instead of the 18" tires). I understand the manufacturers are all going to the bigger wheels to improve their EPA mileage estimates, but the big wide tires will not be as good in the snow, and they will be more expensive when it comes time for new ones. Just to be clear, I refused to get a truck with 20" wheels and low profile tires...if you looked at the cost of replacing them, you would think twice as well.
    - The center console should come with an organizer (instead of being a big hole to loose stuff in) and there should be more cup holders and/or organizing bins in the rest of the console design. This is the first vehicle I have ever owned that didn't have some place to put change...not even an ash tray...I have to buy an add-on accessory for that.
    - Despite the fact that I have the power adjustable pedals adjusted fully toward the engine compartment, I think the pedals are too close to the seat. Yes, I can adjust the seat, etc. but I find the brake pedal is a bit too close for comfort unless I move the seat back so far that the steering wheel is too far away. I don't have particularly long legs (I'm only 5'9"), but it just feels like the proportions are wrong for me. They are probably great for smaller people (and maybe better for women?) but I would expect most guys and gals over 5'10" to have a tough time being comfortable.
    - A load of lumber weighed down the truck bed more than I expected. My last truck was a 1500HD (instead of a 1500) so I expected a difference, but I was a bit surprised to see the truck tilted as much as it was with what I had in it. I can't really estimate the weight as it was a bunch of miscellaneous lumber I was moving, but there ya go.

    Misc. observations:
    - In my test driving, I drove a 3.08 rear end truck and a 3.42. I honestly couldn't tell the difference (acceleration off the line, passing on the freeway, etc.) but then again I didn't have a lot of time to really exercise them. I ended up with the 3.42 because I drive over the mountains a lot (a couple times a month) as well as tow a trailer (lumber/logs) a couple times a month and wanted a little extra low end when I need it. This was a tough one for me as mileage is very important to me too...hopefully, I'll be happy with my decision. Note: mileage was the reason I did not go with a truck with the heavy duty trailer package w/the 3.73 rear end.
    - the mileage "average" readout seems quite accurate (compared hand calculation to readout value after the first full tank fill-up)
    - V4 mode seems to work well and is usually impossible to tell when it engages/disengages without looking at the display. I can occasionally notice a slight surge (esp. at slow speeds) but it's usually very smooth.
    - In an interesting test, I found that coasting downhill in Drive (which takes it into V4 mode) gives me better mileage than coasting in Neutral. It will never go into V4 mode when in Neutral or when idling at a stop (which is strange if you ask me, but there you go) and apparently V4 mode at a higher RPM gives better mileage than idling in V8 mode. Of course, that is assuming the "instant mileage" readout is accurate.
    - I now prefer playing music on a thumb drive instead of via my MP3 player. I loose the playlist and various other play options I would have with my MP3 player plugged in, but the random and sequential play provided with the USB port and a thumb drive are good enough for me...and the drive is out of the way (hidden in the console), it stops when I turn off the truck (I don't know how many times I have forgotten to turn off my MP3 player when I get out of a vehicle), and I never have to worry about it running out of charge....oh, thumb drives are cheaper, and have more capacity as well. Part of this is I only sync the music I like (hand pick each song into a playlist that I sync) so my MP3 player doesn't have all my music and therefore I don't have lots of playlists, etc. anyway. Just my 2 cents on that one.
    - Not much experience with the voice activated systems yet...I'll let you know more when I have time to work with them.

    I'll be honest and say that when I started looking at trucks I was sure I was going to buy an F150 (I can hear the cat calls and hisses already...but in my experience, Ford and Chevy both make a good half ton truck). I actually liked the Ford Lariat interior better than the Chevy LTZ (which was a big surprise), but all the chrome and glitz made the Ford seem more like a luxury ride than a truck (and I like the truck look more). After driving them, looking at all the option packages, and talking to literally dozens of dealerships across the state, I got the best deal on the truck I wanted from Chevy. BTW, I paid about $1000 under invoice BEFORE the rebates (yes, you read that correctly) ...overall, I was about $9500 under MSRP before taxes, licensing, etc. Ford wouldn't touch that (or most Chevy dealerships, for that matter). Note: I did drive a Ford with heated/cooled seats on a hot day and have to admit the cooled seats are, in a word, freaking awesome...wish I had that in my Chevy.

    OK, that is all I can think of. I just wanted to post this because I spent a lot of time looking for reviews like this from real owners and wanted to pass on my first impressions. Comments welcome.

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    Welcome to the club.

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    Welcome! and enjoy the new truck
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    WElcome aboard.


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    Hi, and welcome to the site!
    Eddie , 2000 Chevy Tahoe Z71 (old style)

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    Thanks for the welcome.

    One additional note so far:
    - Tank 2 was 18.6 mpg (calculated by hand) vs 19.6 from the computer...a bigger diff than I was expecting to see (esp. after the first tank was so close)

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