I just got done test driving the truck, I LOVE it, much better build quality over my 09 tundra, though I think the salesman told me wrong on the tow ratings.

Said truck is the work truck, reg cab, long box, 4x4, 6.0 with the 3.73 gear, apparently it only tows 10.2k? That makes absolutely zero sense considering my tundra is rated at 10.3k MAX and this truck is a monster compared, the salesman said that model pulls 12.2k with ease, is the salesman wrong?

Anywhoo back to my other question, I am wanting to get rid of my truck as the build quality and overall truck is poor quality, I want to start a small car hauling business(single car on a single car hauling trailer, something on the side) and I didn't want to stick 10.3k behind the tundra, I didn't trust the truck, nor do I think putting that much weight on a half-ton and taking a 500 mile round trip be nice on the components.

Will this 6.0 2500hd fit my needs?

I am new to chevy, I grew up in a ford family, my dad only buys HD fords, so I came here for some wisdom.