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    Unhappy Road accicdent...

    Hello guys. Got some trouble . The day after registration here i got a road accident with nissan xtrail 2010. Ofc police declared that it was other driver fault. Tomorrow ill go to police department to take the documents to insurance company. This is crazy what happened, almost at empty crossroads. I made a little flash-movie to demonstrate the situation and putted some photos after crash.
    Here in Russia its a bit hard with getting some spare parts for old GM trucks, anyways i'll try to offer it from US. But dunno about front bumper, ofc i will try to fix it, but i was always wondering is there any chance to find such at US? (bumper's photos at mine profile) Thanks in advice.

    Flash scheme is here:

    Photos are here:
    My poor chevy

    Uhh... Seems like i bited it "good" :/

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    That looks like a Warn bumper. Look at and I'm sure thats the one.

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    I looked in my Warn book and I believe it is a Warn Classic bumper. The catolog shows a Ford bumper but I'm sure its a Warn. The bumper for your Suburban is part # 26150. The picture of the Ford has the optional grille/brush guard.

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    Good call, S.T.

    I'm sorry to hear about the accident. Looks a little harsh but at least it's only looking cosmetic, nothing a few parts won't fix.

    Have a look around, especially under the bumper for any stamped markings. On the underside or even maybe inside there should be manufacturing information and/or at the very least a maker name.

    I hope you find what you are looking for. I can't say I've ever seen anyone here from Russia and I hope you come back around and keep us updated. I'd love to see more of that country and it's vehicles!

    "The Sarge"
    1999 Chevy Suburban LT- K2500
    7.4 454 Vortec, 4WD
    305/70/16 on Eagle Alloy

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    I'm sure its a Warm because back in the day they made that bumper in pieces so they were easy to ship and the retailer would put together for the end customer.

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    Big thanks for help and supporting me guys, i really appreciate it! Found that bumper and now at least i know where and how i can get it, thanks again! I've just came from police department, got all references and ready to visit insurance company, so they able to evaluate the damage. Btw i had a problem with police and my bumper during official checkup (i hope it calls so), they said that it's too big (according to law), tough and not basic (according to welds - lol) they also asked about sertification from manufacturer, for that time i didn't know that it is Warns, so i didn't find anything, for that i payed a fine for about 200$.. Heh, going to call to some places for spare parts.
    P.S. Old chevy never die! ;)

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    Glad you can get it straight and hopefully actually get the certification that you need... That is a great looking Burb you have there.. And it looks like it won in the accident anyhow (looks like thiers is gonna take a few more parts to get back to driveable)
    But as Springthing said keep us informed.


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    Sorry to hear about the bad luck, hope you find what you need. I don't know if LMC truck ships to Russia, but it might be worth a look.
    Dana South Carolina

    1986 V20 Suburban
    1988 V20 Suburban
    1995 Camaro convertable
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    Default Restoration after the road accident

    Ooookey) Greetings again! Well after my road accident that has been happened at august Friday 13th I got something to show u, the result of restoration job, it took us 7 days. We did it with my friend. First of all total cost:

    1. Money to trip 150$ for gas, the place is about 400 miles from my home.
    2. Two front fenders (from chevy 1994) + fender guards and supporting brackets for accumulator and ABS block 170$.
    3. Money for materials 150$.
    4. Some bonus to friend 200$
    So, total: 670 $

    Ok there we go, after I got front fenders I started to prepare them for painting such as dust and rust cleaning and etc.

    By chevburban at 2010-09-20

    By chevburban at 2010-09-20

    By chevburban at 2010-09-20

    As u saw on the photo before, i have Warn bumper classic (thanks to siveradotrailblazer for info). After the hit it has been turned by 90 degreeses. So we decided to cut the injured part of bumper and delete extra metal (pulled) after the hit. So that we can level off it easly. Well, hammers + circular saw and hands always give us something =) Here we go:

    By chevburban at 2010-09-20

    By chevburban at 2010-09-20

    By chevburban at 2010-09-20

    By chevburban at 2010-09-20

    And this is the thing (special sealant) that i use to protect welds from corrosion

    By chevburban at 2010-09-20

    After all metalwork and welding it's time to prepare surfaces for priming and painting (missed up photos during spackling and painting):

    By chevburban at 2010-09-20

    By chevburban at 2010-09-20

    Of course during unmounting parts I tried to kill any rust that has been detected, as a result front plate molded in 5 places, totally dismounted, rustFixed and painted by special anticorrosive mastic. Hope it will serve me a bit longer.

    By chevburban at 2010-09-20

    Fender guards (view from engine bay):

    By chevburban at 2010-09-20

    By chevburban at 2010-09-20

    By chevburban at 2010-09-20

    And this is the result of our job:

    By chevburban at 2010-09-20

    Thanks everyone for watching and supporting me ;)

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    Looks good as new, great job.

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    Looks awesome, man!! Now you're back in business for a little more "Nissan crunching!" No really, great job!

    2008 Silverado 1500 LT 5.3L Crew Cab
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    Past Chevys: 1985 S-10, 1963 BelAir sedan

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