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    Default Timing on a 96 K1500 Suburban

    Alright, I just replaced my dist. cap and rotor (looked like someone had been in there arc welding in the old one!) and now my 5.7 is idleing a bit rougher than before I put on the new cap and rotor. I'm assuming I need to adjust the timing on the beast. At some point someone had mentioned that this motor has a "self adjusting timing," and I'm wondering if there is any validity to that. If not, I've got the timing light and tools to do the job, I think. Any one got any pointers for me, like where the blank blank timing mark is and the dist. hold-down bolt?
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    The timing isn't adjustable. There's a sensor inside the distributor that tells it when to fire at the right time no matter where you turn it to. You probably just need to reset the computer. Take your negative cable off for about ten or fifteen minutes and put it back on.

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    Search timing in the forums. There is a way that it will have to be timed to 0degrees before TDC. There is a wire that you have to unplug for this to work however. that is why i recommended the search because i dont remeber which wire. After you have everything set to 0degrees then the computer will fully control the timing.


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    the best way to find out if you are out of timne is to have a scanner hooked up to see if you are throwing the ckp/cmp corrlection code if so than your timing is off um the best way to time it (now i am usally 1 to 2 teeth off ) take off the dist. cap and turn your motor over by the main crank bolt should be a 5/8 in the center and there is a line on the balancer and your timing cover has a notch on it line those to up and look to see if u are pointing at number one ( number one is where the flat spot ends going counter clockwise) if not adjust from there it is a headace if you dont have the right kinda of scanner and most places will charge about 30 to get it timed right hope this helps i have done it a few dozen times on my 97 and what mike said about the wire you have to disconnect i couldnt find it on mine nor could another mechic dont quote me but it should be a tan and white wire either on the pass side right by the fire wall or under the glove box and postive of the the color thou
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    Thanks for the reply; again!

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