2007 Silverado 1500 5.3 (flexfuel) 35800 miles, air intermittantly not cooling/ blowing hot.

Diagnostic report says DTC B0413/symptom 5 - Temp control #1 CKT short to Batt or open.

I know the actuator needs to be replaced, but I was told that the control head needs to be reprogramed after replacing actuator. Can the B0413 code just be deleted or is the reprogram necessary? Also where can I find a diagram to show exactly where the actuator (driver side) is? Dealership said $801.12 to replace actuator and reprogram control head. They never could find the problem everytime I took it in (4 times since july 2009). Then, just when my warranty ran out then they magically got a code, so I refuse to let them fix it.

Also what is "symptom 5"
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Also, if i posted this in the wrong section, I apoligize. I searched for a post like this and couldn'f find one.