ok this is obvious. Find another shop I know.

Problem started at 60k miles, towing light weight utility trailer/motorcycle total approx. 1900lbs. If I'm not mistakin my truck is rated for up to 3000lbs. I have always towed in D meaning DRIVE....as apposed to 3rd. Some folks say that I killed my tranny all 3 times.??

What happened this past weekend, while towing suddenly the tranny started vibrating and humming really loud. I brought it to a stop, no obvious issues, leaks etc. Started to drive away and the humming started right up louder are the rpms came up, and no shifting into any of the gears.

Rested it for 2 hours and it ran fine. WTF!!!!!!

SUggestions? I have it at AAMCO right now in Portland Me, where it broke down on me. My confidence level is WAY down on that tranny.