There is no other commodity out there that fluctuates in price on a DAILY basis by as much as 30 cents/litre. So why does Gas fluctuate like that?

Milk isn't $1.99 one day and then $1.49 the next, and then $1.69 the next, and then $1.12 and then $1.39 etc. Especially when Oil doesn't change much overall each day, how can they justify this. I know we've all had enough of their bullsh*t, and I'm sure everyone is exhausted from thinking about it.

The Oil companies can single-handedly control the economy. If prices keep going up and up and up, people will be selling the luxury fuel burners like boats, atvs, snowmobiles, RVs etc. It's already happening. There is no reason prices can't stay below $1/L in Canada, and there's no reason it shouldn't be as low as $0.60/L from time to time to give us a break from the ridiculous prices. $1/L still makes them a huge profit and anything above that is just rape.

Unfortunately it doesn't appear there are any solutions consumers can use ourselves. We need the gov't to step in and set a price cap. Plain and simple. If I ever win the lottery, am diagnosed with Cancer or if gasoline is still around when I retire (I'm 22), I'll irritate the hell out of the CEOs of Oil Companies (legally... for the most part), in order to fill my time.

Haha maybe we should all just start syphoning gas out of the CEOs vehicles every chance we get. Maybe then they'll take the hint.