Sorry, I just feel like venting. AT&T has a rewards program, it's really not a rewards program, it's a headache system.

First they don't just send you the cash, they send you something in the mail that tells you that you have rewards money available. Then you have to contact them to let them know that you really do want your reward. At that point they will mail you (like weeks or months later) a gift card, but here's the catch. You put it in your wallet, but you have to activate it with your PIN as part of your billing account number (not your AT&T account number, or your AT&T U-Verse account number - it's something different) and I have for like 3 months forgotten to hunt down that account number.

THE FINAL CATCH! The card expired after like 2 or 3 months!?!?!?! What's up with that? I just went to spend the money and the card is no good. I would have expected something like 36 months, maybe 24 months, not 6 months.

SCAM! I got fooled into thinking that AT&T would credit me money when they started talking about cash back when I signed up. WRONG. It's a major pain to get the rewards back and then you think you have the money but it dried up faster than a June bug in a Texas July.

Thanks AT&T for promising me an extra $400 back, which I never saw.

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Update. They only give you about 7 weeks to spend the money, I just saw that the card was mailed on 6/4/2010 and it expired 8/2010. (Not sure if that was 8/1/2010 or 8/31/2010).

Just beware.