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    Default battery drain but test shows no drain???

    My 99 suburban was sitting for a few weeks and the battery was old. Been working fine then it woyld not start after sitting for 4 weeks. So bought a new battery. Drove it for 2 week and let it sit for 3 weeks. New battery dead, dead, dead. I charged the battery then took it back to Napa and the tested the battery said it was good. So I hooked up my multimeter and ran a draw test. My multimeter shows no draw as in 000. Now I know there should be about 300 milliamps of drain. But my meter shows no drain. How could this be and how should I proceed to find my drain? Hope someone has some thoughts.

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    How were you running your meter? disconnect the positive and run the meter in line? I know it sounds backwards, but go through each fuse, pulling it out and testing the terminals.

    that's my $0.02
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    Yeah thats what I did but my meter shows 0.00 amps. So no draw at all. I know there should be at least .25 or .30 amps. Can not figure out why my meter would show no draw??? Thanks for the thought.

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    Perhaps you have the meter wired wrong at the meter? Ordinarily on a multi-meter there are 3 spots where you can plug a line in, the common, a spot you would use to measure VDC, VAC, ohms, and possibly some other things, and a 3rd terminal that you use to measure amps. To measure amps in-line with the load, you need to be plugged into the common and the amps terminal, commonly labeled as "10A" because it can flow 10 amps through it without being damaged. Oh, and make sure you have the meter set on DC amps with as low of a range as is available on your meter, unless it's in the milliamp range.

    I would agree with you that 0 amps sounds odd, because the computer always draws some power and things like dome lights should draw some too. Make sure you have your meter terminals wired up right and let us know.

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    Thanks crawdaddy for your thoughts. I did all that and still can not figure out why the meter would show no draw. I even tried another meter and cgot the same results. This really should be a simple test. Just can not figure out why I can not get a reading. Would a bad ground somewhere cause this problem?? Thanks guys for all your help and thoughts.

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    You may have a bad ground, i would clean the chassis grounds to be sure and also since they tend to corrode, and can cause problems..


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