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    Default S-10 check engine codes

    i went to autozone and bought me a cheap scanner for my 2003 S-10 Extreme 4.3v-6 truck.

    it had 3 codes.
    P0128 coolant temp below thermostat regulating temp
    P0442 EVAP emission control system leak (small)
    P0442 PENDING

    a few weeks ago i took the truck to autozone and they said it had the coolant temp code and they erased it. so it has come back, along with the other 2 codes.
    they suggested i change out the coolant temp sensor and the thermostat. looks like i will have to do that soon.

    but what would the second code be, P0442-EVAP emission control system leak (small) ?
    could that be a faulty gas cap ? what else could cause that code ?

    and what does the pending code mean, P0442-pending ?

    thanks for the help guys... these computer cars drive me crazy..

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    Evap is either the gas cap loose or a worn gas cap gasket. If you have a carbon canister it could be plugged but the gas cap is usually the reason. If it is clicking tight, check the gasket. They loose flexibility over time and don't hold a vacuum tripping a code. I had to replace the cap on our '99 Grand Am for this reason.

    The temp sensor tells your computer when the engine has warmed up. If it thinks the engine is still cold, it keeps the fuel mix rich messing your mileage and adding to carbon buildup...
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    thanks for that explanation..

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