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    Default What would you consider too many miles?

    Hey guys, new member here. Don't currently own a silverado, but I am in the market for one. Little back ground, I currently have a regular cab Dakota which was fine until my wife and I had our first child. Still no problem until about a month ago when the water pump went out on her jeep. Thats when we decided I needed something different. I have a work truck for business but cant use is for personal things. I want to stay under $20,000 but closer to $15,000 and get into a crew cab, 4x4 silverado. I really like the new body style, but obviously they don't generally go in that price range. My question is, I found a 2007 LTZ for $18,000 at a dealer, but it has 122,000 miles. Is that too many miles? I have reservations about paying that much for something with that many miles. The whole purpose of the upgrade is to have a second reliable vehicle. Granted, with the work truck I have only put about 5000 miles on my Dakota all this year. What do you think? Would that truck be a reliable upgrade for 5-10 years with normal maintenance at the amount of driving I do with it? How long would the newer trannies and 5.3L's usually go before needing major work or replaced? Sorry for the post length.

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    Well what is book value on it? Because that is a big factor. The 5.3L and the 4L60E in that generation is known to go 300K miles (i have a 2000 which is essentially the same powertrain and it has 225K and still going strong). So if it is in great shape then id consider it but id be sure to get them to come down more.


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    Welcome to the club. I have found over the years that a truck with excessive miles like that truck usually didn't get proper maintanance. There on the road all the time. Anything over 25,000 miles a year is excessive.

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    That is waaaaaay too much for a 120,000 mile truck.
    Dealers will give you lots of BS about how good current drivetrains are-"barely broke in at 100,000 miles", but 120,000 miles is too many miles to pay anything like $18,000 for.
    Yes,I agree that the SBCs can run plenty of trouble free miles(I bought my 1998 Suburban 3.5 years ago with 195,000 miles-$2950, and it has 215,00 now and uses no oil, gets 20 mpg hy-great truck-but it was $2950).

    But like others said- you really don't know for sure how it was treated-and $18000 is too much.
    I would hunt for something with maybe 60,000 miles-a 2006,2007 maybe- for that kind of $$.
    Heck when did Chevy go to the 100,000 mile drivetrain warranty-2007 or so??
    For $18,000 you should aim to get some sort of factory warranty.

    Once vehicles are in to 120,000+ mile range they are high miles and within 50,000 miles of needing a trans rebuild($2500 or so), or AC work($1500 or so).

    Shop around and bargain hard. Dealers aren't selling many vehicles- you can do OK buying now.

    Oh, the full sized Chevy will be much much nicer and in all ways better than the Dakota-and probably get better mpg to boot.Dodge trucks generally get poor mpg for some reason-GMs trucks usually get pretty decent mpg considering what they are-5000+ lbs etc.
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    X2 what phoebeisis said about Dodges getting poor gas mileage. When I met my wife she had a '98 Dodge Ram 2wd ext. cab short bed V-8. When she stepped on the gas it was like flushing a toilet-whooooosssss. It got worse mileage than my '96 Suburban with 6" lift, 35's and 4.56 gears. After we got married we traded for her Trailblazer that see still has.

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