So 2 days ago I am driving down some country roads and I came up on this truck for sale that looked like an older S10 or Sonoma. It had a plow on it and the body was lifted what looked like 10 or more inches. So I stopped to look at it and it ended up being an S15 Sierra Classic. Somebody had taken steel I beams and lifted the bed, I don't remember what they did to lift the cab, but the thing was hideous. Anybody know anything about these trucks. Looked like it had an 8cylinder in it, i could see the side of the engine from the wheel well and saw 4 plugs. I am tempted to put a plow on my S10 but I am tempted just to buy this, they are asking 1500. It is pretty beat up, looks like it was mainly used as just a plow truck. The rear shocks were broke off at the leaf springs, and it had leaf spring suspension in the front. They used an I beam to mount the plow hydraulic cylinder to. Just wondering if anybody has some experience with these trucks.