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    Welcome! I just let go of my Olds minivan (110,000 miles) and bought a used 2007 Suburban because I need the towing capacity and my son demanded the new truck have the DVD player (which is the best babysitter for any long trip).
    Mark - Northcentral CT
    2007 Chevy Suburban LTZ 4WD
    2004 Volvo XC70 AWD

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    If you're looking for highway miles and comfort, with occasional towing...get a 92-99 model. The A/C will work, and it will drive smoother. The seat configurations have changed little since the 1970's, with folding mids and take out rear. Styling is a preference, but these models have the "cleanest" lines.

    If you want brute force to climb over rocks and through mud, get a 73-91 model. Solid front axle, usually spartan interior (pre-1985), loads of aftermarket parts. Check the hood for kinks in the metal, and maybe get a spare parts truck for the yard?

    1994 is what I drive, and I think it is the best Suburban...after 1995 they began to change, and the 2000+ models get new styling almost yearly.
    1994 GMC Suburban SLE, 350, 4x4, Blacked out with gray leather, black nerf bars, 1000 watt stereo with subs in tailgate.

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    Welcome to the club.
    This is exactly why I love this site!! Look at all the useful information that is posted so quickly!!

    Great job guys!!
    Plainfield, Illinois
    2010 1500 Series Extended Cab LT Z71 4X4
    2011 Cruze LTZ
    2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT

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    River Ridge Louisiana-4 miles W of New Orleans-didn't flood-water stopped 800 yards away.


    There is really only one downside to Suburbans-and that is mpg.
    They are like having a covered longbed(8') pickup that can carry 8 people or 4x8 building material -and do it comfortably.

    In respect to the mpg in pure city driving -short trips-you can count on 12-15 mpg-with 4x4 being about 1 mpg less than 4x2.
    Hy driving is much better-at 60 mph you can count on about 20 mpg with a 2wd- 19 with 4x4.

    If you drive 15000 miles year-figure 1000 gallons- maybe $3000 per year- at $3/gal. If you drive just 5000 miles- more like $1000 /yr.

    Compared to a minivan-the Suburban will use maybe 25% more fuel.$3000 yr for Suburban $2300 yr for Minivan
    Compared to a Prius the Suburban will use maybe 3X as much fuel- $3000 yr for Suburban $1000 yr for Prius

    So worst case-Prius vs Suburban 15,000 miles yr- it costs $2000 more per year for fuel at $3 gallon.

    Of course a 2006 Prius might cost $10,000 a 1998 Suburban maybe $4000.

    Bottom line a used Suburban is a lot of vehicle- very versatile- for not much $$.

    Even at $6 gallon it would still be a pretty good choice- if you travel or haul "stuff".
    PS I have a Prius-so I have an excellent idea on the numbers.
    The 96-99 with the fancier FI get maybe 1 mpg better than the Throttle body 88-95 Suburbans-the 2004 are maybe 1.5 mpg better than 1998s-the 2007s -maybe 2.5 mpg better.I think the 2007's have seats that don't lay flat-so 4x8 materials don't fit as well.
    1998 suburban-
    1/2 ton

    199500 miles

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