So I got a $500 TV like in February, and put down part of it on a new Target credit card that I opened up just to get 10% off the purchase. That's how they get you!

I returned the TV like one week later and they didn't credit back all of the money to the credit card, they put it back on my debit card and left a small balance on the credit card! I don't think I knew that.

So I forgot about the card, they sent two or three notices, I looked at the first one and I thought they would correct it, I only got two notices and nothing else. I kinda figured that they had corrected it maybe. Turns out there was like a $25 balance on the TARGET CREDIT CARD that has now charged off and they say that I owe them $168.41.

That kind of chaps me, becuase the balance was supposed to be ZERO dollars, but they left $25 on there, and now with late fees and interest, it's $168.41 and it's charged off. So this will cost me $$thousands in extra interest payments.

My advice. Get a loan ONLY for a house, an education and a vehicle. Everything else, save up and pay cash!