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    Quote Originally Posted by aloxdaddy99 View Post
    Anyone do this with a newer truck? I have an 11 and would like to have the fogs come on automatically.
    I've only seen write-ups for 07 and older vehicles. I don't know NNBS trucks, at all, but supposing NNBS still have an under-hood fuse box and also supposing NNBS still use the same relays (in a relatively close cluster like they are in 99-06's) for high/low/fog lights, then extrapolation of these instructions should let you get the job done. (Note that the instructions didn't tell me how to have fogs come on with low beams, but it was intuitive enough when I saw what was being done and how.)

    If you're willing to take a shot ... knowing that you're in uncharted waters and knowing you accept the risk for any/all things you do, then read onward...

    Read the linked instructions ( thoroughly so that you are familiar with the relays, their holes, the location of the holes, etc. Once done, locate the under-hood fuse box of your NNBS truck (presumably it still has one!) and check the diagram on the underside of the lid to see if you can find relays for HDLP-HI, HDLP-LOW, and FOG LP. (Important: find the relays, not the fuses. Hopefully their denotation hasn't changed ... or if it has, it's intuitive.)

    If all three relays are within a few inches of one another then you have a good sign. Your next step should be to see if the HDLP-HI and HDLP-LOW relays are the same (look at the numbers on the relays) ... while the FOG LP relay has a different number. If so, then we're on the right track and have a good bit of parity with the 99-06 relay setup. You last step before determining it's worth trying should be to remove one of the relays and check the underside of it to make sure the pin holes are marked and that they match the same pin hole notation as the 99-06 relays. (I wouldn't expect a visual shape/size match to be enough, as I've seen relays shaped differently that had the exact same pin notation and did the same thing. So check the pin notation.)

    If everything, so far, is a match then you're likely good to connect the heat-shrink wrapped N194 diodes as follows:
    * From hole of HDLP-HI to FOG LP
    * From HDLP-LOW to FOG LP
    * From HDLP-HI to HDLP-LOW (Only if you want low beams AND fogs on with high beams; skip this diode if you don't want that.)

    Understand that a diode is simply a semi-conducting device that allows current to flow in only one direction, thus the black stripe of the diodes should be on the FROM side of the connections you're making. Also, you'd only use ONLY the 85 hole of the any/all of the relays you work with, for this.

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