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    Quote Originally Posted by daweinah View Post
    Hey guys, I have an update for this thread. I got this letter from Chevrolet a few days ago and it seems to address this issue exactly. I scanned it in so you guys can see what I see. I've yet to take my truck in for the repair though.

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    That's awesome, thanks for posting that letter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M Schlabach View Post
    Here ya go...I purchased a new 2010 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab 5.3L in March.

    I love the truck, but it has been a nightmare ever since! 1st night I drove it home from the dealership, it started smoking very very badly. The next morning it went back to the dealership on a rolloff where they had to replace all 16 lifters (was without a truck for a week).

    The collapsable lifters these have in them for the Active Fuel Management I think is the problem. Next I noticed my steering tires were cupping badly, dealer said camber, caster, & towend were all out from the factory, which took 2 new tires and an alignment. Brakes started squealing bad, so dealer turned rotors which cured problem for a month-&-half....back to squealing again.

    I noticed that the truck started idling rough, almost "hiccupping" when I was sitting still. Check engine light came on and showed a random misfire code. Dealer said my #7 spark plug was fouled out (covered in oil), so they replaced it and said GM wanted me to drive it and see if it happened again, because they were not sure what the problem was. Well, it happened again, the check engine light came on and Onstar diagnostics said same thing, (random misfire code).

    I called dealership immediately....before I could get it scheduled in it blew the #4 spark plug clean out of the block, which left me stranded 2-1/2 hours until roadside assistance could come get me & the truck. I have had a few small petty things go wrong, but is to be expected with any new vehicle.

    I truly think I have lemon on my hands, but I have 16,800 miles on the truck, and Ohio lemon law covers a vehicle up to 1 year or 18,000 miles, so I am very close to losing out on that law. I am going to contact some lemon law attorneys, but I am sure this will be drug out. Sorry to sound like a whining dog but I spent hard earned money to purchase this truck, I do not want this to nickel & dime me to death after warranties have run out.

    Anyone have any other suggestions?
    Mark Schlabach
    Wow, I missed out on this post when it was first made. My bad. How did this all end up? I would love to know the final conclusion.

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    Is it the AC compressor kicking in?
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