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    I have an 2008 with 5.3 I have a edge evolution cs, I like it due to the fact its a permanent install (doesn't have to be) but it also gives out digital readouts of temps and gives a nice look on my dash. Granted I cant really tweak as much as other programmers but Edge does a good job getting overall good performance. (and its been featured on Trucks! tv show :P ) just my 2cents

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    Ouch thats a costly tranny, hoping the predator is in by the time i get home on tues. @ First i may play with truck but not too hard and fine tune it. What would be the best tranny settings dont want to cook it, just thinking of the milage it has on it not too worried about the powerplant as much as tranny, the truck gets about 120 miles put on it a weeek going back and forth to work (60 miles each way) @ around 60mph unless someone pisses me off.
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    when you install one of the performance tunes (either the 87 octane tune, or the Diablo Tune - which is for 91/93 octane), it will already have tranny adjustments made to it...

    it firms up the shifts, and makes it shift quicker as well...

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    don't waste your money...

    you can get brand new predator's for 279.. and have the ability to get custom tuning done for them, data logging, a lot more adjustability, etc etc...

    there's a reason it hasn't sold yet in over a month...

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    Easy answer. Yes, tune, and get the Predator. It makes a big difference in the performance department, and helped me get 18 mpg on the freeway!

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    I had a Hyper Tech programmer on my 2002 Chevy Avalanche and it didn’t do much for me I was able to change the rev limiter change the shift points octane and tire size but the shift points seemed to be the best feature. What it the Diablo Sport Predator going to do over the Hyper Tech programmer? I am thinking of doing the same thing but don’t want to go through all the hassle of a CPU program that I can’t simply put back to stock if I have a problem that I need to take it back to the dealership.

    Hi my Name is Steve I have a 2004 Silverado Z71 Crew cab, silver berch in color and Live in Virginia Beach Va. I have installed JBA Stainless Steel Shorty Headers with Flowmaster 40, K&N 77 air intake, Taylor 409 Wires , Diablosport Predator Programer, Weston Bull Bar, Carage Works Grill, ReadyLift Leveling kit, Pioneer Navigation system, Viper two way Alarm with remote start, Rino hitch step, Factor 20 inch wheels with Nitto Graplers and that's it for now.
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    you can simply restore the original backup stock tune any time you want... click a couple buttons, and it's done... piece a cake...

    as for what it has for your 2004:

    U7193 Stock Vehicle Tunes/Horsepower Gains:
    GM Gas Trucks 15-20 rwhp 15-20 ft/lbs (87 octane)
    GM Gas Trucks 20-25 rwhp 20-25 ft/lbs (Premium)
    Performance Tune: Designed to add power and torque using premium fuel.
    87 Octane Tune: (Trucks Only) Designed to add power and torque using low to mid grade fuel.
    Factory Tune: Designed for users who wants to adjust parameters using the factory tune.

    U7193 Specific Features:

    Timing Table 1000-3800rpm (+15/- 20%)
    Timing Table 4000-4800rpm (+15/- 20%)
    Timing Table 5000-7000rpm (+15/- 20%)
    Fuel Table 1000-3800rpm (+/- 20%)
    Fuel Table 4000-4800rpm (+/- 20%)
    Fuel Table 5000-7000rpm (+/- 20%)
    Idle (+ 500rpm / -300rpm)
    Speed Limiters
    Rev Limiters
    RPM Shift Points
    MPH Up and Downshifts
    Shift Timing
    Shift Pressure
    Cooling Fan ON and OFF temperatures
    Re-Calibrate Speedometer for Gear and Tire Size Changes
    Upshift torque reduction (all gears) ON/OFF
    Adjust for different injector size
    Adjust COT enable temperature

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    okay i have got the predator in my hands and have already installed the diablo tune, and performmed a data log (complete). i know the complete log is slower but i just wanted to see ehat it would do. this is just a test log (not using it to tune ltft), i did this literally right after the tune so the truck didnt have enought time to adjust. but the question tha i have is this even logged information pertaining to the a/c system (???, but okay)but it didnt log info that i needed like air/fuel for tuning, is that an option that the predator doesnt log on complete? my fuel econ did go from a 20mph average to a 22.7 mph avereage on the road (60mpg avg) was impressed about the power. i didnt adjust anything from the diablotune and the truck barked the tires from a dead stop, it never did that before. if someone could tell me more about the logging and other stuff it would be helpful. i did get the predator and the pc connect kit (usb cable and power adapter) for the same price as what diablo wanted just for the predator alone off their website.

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    okay i finally figured out some questions. i obtained some of this from googling the questions and off other forums. some of the infor that you need for a tune like air/fuel mix (AFR) on a predator u7193 will not record unless you use a laptop, wish it would have said that in the instructions! i plugged in the laptop to the predator and did a live datalog and holy crap!!! this thing came up with things that i didnt even know it could do, like that damn thing could even tell me info on the security system, oil life, everything. too bad you cant modify the tune using the laptop to adjust different things, like shift firm on the fly. i guess that would have been one of the benefits of the trinity, but budget wont allow that. i do have a few questions that im not sure of, in dataveiwer (using 3.3.05) what are the dmr and external trees for nothing shows up on mine, wont even let me expand the tree

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