I didn't get the pup I originally wanted my apartments said no since he was a pit. I went to the pound the other day and found a lab mix. She's 7 months old. She was really skiddish and shy the first day I saw her. She would only come up to the front of the cage close enough to sniff me then she would back off. They took her out for me and put us in a room alone together. I got her to come to me a couple times and got a few face kisses. The belly rub did her in though I think she would have laid there all day if I kept doing it. I think someone abused her, she has a couple spots on her face and ear. I went up a second day to see her and she came right up to the cage when she saw me. She got really excited. I was happy to see her that way rather then scared the whole time. My aunt said it was because she remembered me. I believe she has pit mixed in her. The only thing her papers said was she was a lab mix. She has a bit of a pit look in the face and has pointy ears. She's short for being 7 months old for a lab but she's long. I am having problems coming up with a name though. My cat's name is Chevy. I like having unique names for my "children". Someone said on my other thread Silvy and the more I think about it I'm starting to like it. My truck is a silveraldo and that would short for it and kind of girlie. I was trying to think of a name to name her after my truck somehow like I did my cat. I thought of Sierra and Cheyne but that technically wouldn't be named after my truck.

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