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    Default 98 Suburban Running Lights AND sound system issues

    Hello everyone...

    I have 2 issues I need help with.

    1. My running lights or parking lights have quit working. I checked the fuse on the inside fuse box and it is good. I checked there is 13.4V at the fuse. I have checked the bulbs in one of the tail lights. They are all good. The flashers work, the turn signals work, the brake lights work, the head lights work, the high beams work, the daytime running lights work. It appears the headlight switch works because the buzzer comes on with the door open and the light switch on. Any ideas???

    2. I recently upgraded my stereo head unit. The rear side door speakers have started not working. They come on occasionally, but not much. The rear pillar 4x10's work, but not the rear door ones. Is there an amp hidden somewhere in the system that doesn't show up on schematics? I ask that because my car had a drivers side tweeter in the door that doesn't show up on any schematics I have found. The car wiring harness schematics I have found only show front + & - and rear + and -. It doesn't make sense to me that the far rear pillar speakers would work and not the rear door ones. It has to be spliced somewhere, but I can't find it


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    For your second issue. I just installed a new deck, and my second row speakers don't work at all. There is an amp somewhere. I called Crutchfield for assistance, and they indicated to crimp a blue wire from the harness to the another blue/white, or solid blue wire that is for a power antenna/power lead.

    Hope that helps. I have no idea where the amp is though. Eventually I think I'm going to run external amps for all the speakers.
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    The blue wire will turn on the Amp.. I think it's behind the Glove box or in the center. As for those 4x10's in the rear I would just disconect them. They are not worth hearing. They are a big Tweeter no Midbass at all...The front speakers will sound great with a good radio with a crossover built in and the power from the Aftermarket radio..
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    I'm planning on replacing those 4x10's. I noticed under just low power there was a lot of distortion. When we sit in the drive in theater though, I need those speakers.

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    Piermont,NY, back in Northern NJ now, But may be in IL soon....


    Then make a plate with eather a 4in or a 5 1/4 Comp.. you will have MUCH better sound... Even the aftermarket 4x10's suck.. Don't waste your money..

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    I found 4x10 adapters that allow 6x9 in some cars. Has anyone tried these in their Suburban.

    I barely have time working on the car. I'd love to fabricate something myself, but I don't have time. Still need time to fix my second row speakers and add the powered amp/sub that has sat in my garage for over 4 months.

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    If your running lights stopped working once you installed the radio, you may have messed up the radio install. Going to the factory radio are 2 wires, a on/off running lights power line and a dimmer line. They are colored orange and orange/white respectively in the aftermarket wiring harness field. If the orange wire got shorted to ground somehow, that might be the cause of your lack of running lights.

    As for the speakers, like the other people have said, there might be an amp that's not getting turned on that powers those speakers. If the wiring harness you got for the truck included a blue wire, hook it up to the blue wire coming off the radio harness for the radio and the amp should get powered on.

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    Thanks for the posts...

    Running light Issue Update: The multi pin connector going into the main headlight switch must have been loose. When I took the dash off to check on the radio issue I noticed it being cockeyed.

    The radio issue is fixed as well. Just FYI: I know there isn't documentation anywhere to back up my claim but a 98 Suburban does have an amp driving the rear door speakers. It needs to be triggered by the AMP line coming from your radio harness. The vehicle wire to trigger the amp is PINK. So for me it was a Blue/White stripe connected to a Pink wire. I had it connected to the Blue wire from the radio harness, but that was the antenea trigger. So the rear speakers only worked when I was listening to Radio. I rarely do that, so that is why I thought they worked only every once and a while.

    I hope this info helps someone out. The documentation I have seen says only 2000 and newer have amps, but my 98 must have been an early adopter.....

    Happy Modding!!!

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