Hi Everyone!

I'm a homeschool mom from DFW and I'm sort of new to this site. Actually I found you a while ago when my poor 1995 Suburban had an issue that no mechanic could seem to get a handle on...

I did some research here, got a friendly mechanic (because most of them quit listening when I said that I had been looking on the internet!), took a leap and replaced the torque converter clutch! Magic! (I may be a girl but I'm not stupid!) The mechanic told my husband (not me, of course) that he just might send his hard to diagnose things to me....so actually it was all of you. Well done and thanks!

Now I have another wierd one - but I think (thanks to all of you) that I may have the answer. We're going to try replacing the ECT sensor and see if that fixes it. I'll let you know.

Anyway...love my truck. Hopefully I can keep it going awhile longer! It's perfect for kids and field trips and treks out to the ranch where we volunteer and ride and even hauls the lawnmower that I use to barter for piano lessons! Maybe if we can solve the mechanical issues she's having I can address some of the other more cosmetic issues (what is the deal with the passenger side paint job on all of these? Mine is peeling - and so is 90 percent of the same models on the road!).

Thanks again!