Please pardon my sales message. Please, Please read it. It is very important.

Amsoil will release 3 new oils 11-1-10.

Would you buy Amsoil at $4 a quart?????????????

The new OE oils

This is a class 3 synthetic that has the GM 4718M spec. That is the minimum spec in Corvettes and the Camaro SS among others. Much better than many other so called synthetics on the market that are actually class 2 lubricants. The 5W-30 also exceeds the new Dexos1 spec (supersedes LL-A-025, 6094M and 4718M).

In other words, it is as good or better than Mobile 1 at a much lower price.

It meets the new 10-1-10 SN oil specs and is to be changed as your owners manual or oil life monitor suggests. That is 3000, 5000, 7500, or whatever miles.

Pros and cons of Amsoil.
Some folks were always concerned about the high price. Our products pay for themselves, but cost more up front. This concern is GONE!

Some folks were concerned about leaving a lubricant in longer than recommended by the manufacturer. Change this WHEN recommended by your manual.
This concern is GONE!

Hello? There are no other concerns. It more than meets specs for ANY car you drive. It is at least as good as Mobile 1 and costs MUCH less. If it needs to be shipped it will be there in 3 days and will still cost less than Mobile 1.

Thank you for reading,
Scott Douglass
Your AMSOIL Direct Jobber