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The news reports said that the driver was prone to seizures and that's what they think happened. They said he was doing about 65 mph when he hit. He was obviously killed instantly and could only be identified by dental records. The Cop on scene was sitting about 100 yards away doing Truck inspection checks. You can see him run up to the car but the heat was to intense. As for people just driving past it like it wasn't even there, thats Jersey for ya. Everybody always in a hurry.
Well, that makes sense becuase he didn't even hit the brakes. People often complain when they feel fine and think they can drive even if they have a history of seizures or narcolepsy or something like that. Bad things can happen. My wife's uncle had a diabetic seriure like 5 years ago and his son had to jump across the seat of the truck and hit the brakes with his hand to get the truck to stop. He went into cardiac arrest so he had to do CPR on him too. Had it been 15 minutes later after he dropped them off at school it would have been very bad.