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    These are some great suggesions. The only thing I'd like to add, is if you think you'll need to air down on occassion, and you're even a little handy you might want to consider this mod for your rig. It's a mod that's typically done to a jeep, but it's still do-able on any other truck.
    convert an old York AC compressor to an air compressor for onboard air.

    The york compressor has it's own oil reservoir so the compressor doesn't rely on the freon for lube.
    Rhode Island

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    Default Tires for sand...

    Thanks for all the good info. My take is that aggressive A/T tires aren't the way to go. They just dig you deeper into the sand making recovery difficult. Wider is better and that it is possible to put slightly wider tires on the stock rims??

    Airing down to as low as 16 psi (normal for stock tires is 50 for the front and 80 for the back) will increase the foot print without losing the seal around the tire.

    I guess I'm off to the tire store.
    Thanks again!

    2007 Silverado 2500HD Classic Crew 4x4
    6.6L Duramax Diesel
    Wilmington, NC

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    im currently looking at tires for the same reason.. sand! i was looking at going from 265 70 r16 to 285 75 r16.. any suggestions.. i found a nitto tire and a yokahama tire..

    has anyone put large tires on and "cut/removed" pieces to stop/prevent tire rub?

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    Exclamation I've seen many posts from Folks that run much larger tires...

    I believe you're going to have to reprogram the computer for the larger size tires. Your ABS and transmission are wheel size dependent.

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    well it sounds like you have a 2wd but for the 4x4 guy we have had a lot of luck with the xterains although they wear really bad on the road so I dont know that these are a good solution. but they are amazing in river silt, sand and mud.

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    One of the reasons I have my Yukon is so I can go surf fishing , So driving on the beach is pretty important to me ...

    The Best advice I can give is AIR DOWN ...A compressor is probably a better investment than tires , especially for a daily driver.. Good sand tires make a bad run to work on Monday
    1993 GMC Yukon GT

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    If your not into installing a compressor and tanks on your truck heres another way thats about the same cost:

    Co2 tanks are becoming common place gear for off-road trucks.

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    Default Air Down

    Quote Originally Posted by cafs View Post
    One of the reasons I have my Yukon is so I can go surf fishing , So driving on the beach is pretty important to me ...

    The Best advice I can give is AIR DOWN ...A compressor is probably a better investment than tires , especially for a daily driver.. Good sand tires make a bad run to work on Monday
    I agree with CAFS...since I started this thread I've been out on the beach several times. I find that if I drop down to 20 psi I get through even the deepest sand. I'll saving my $$ and stick with the stock tires. As far as adding a compressor, maybe in time. For now I bring a 125psi tank (7 gallons) and inflate the tires enough to get me to a service station.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 95CTburb19 View Post
    I'm not sure how much bigger you would want to go because then u have to worry about the tires rubbing.

    I went to 285/75/16's

    Only rubbing is when wheel is cranked to it's stops eother left or right. Slight rubbing in foward motion with wheel cranked but more noticable rubbing in reverse. I took a exacto knife and trimmed 3/4" off the front fender well material and that took care of the rubbing all together in Drive or reverse.

    I run on the beach all the time in Florida and with my tires I have only dropped the PSI by 10 (form 63 to 53) and have had no problems getting around. I keep a DC compressor in the bed under the bed cover to pump them back up.

    Good luck

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    Default Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revos - period

    I have a set of these on my 98 Tahoe 4wd. Quite honestly the BEST tires I've EVER bought. No matter what I throw at these tires, they're incredible: hard corners, highway cruising, towing, snow, rice, rain, SOFT SAND, mud, playing in the rocks in Sedona ... INCREDIBLE, I'm telling you.

    I was playing in the soft sand at Playa Bonita in Rocky Point, Mexico and didn't even have to air down - and I've got Load rating E tires with STIFF sidewalls. Same thing when I went to Gordons Well in Yuma, Ca to play in the sand at the dunes - pressure still sitting at 65psi from towing my trailer down, but went everywhere I wanted to without even a hint of concern. Granted, I didn't try to climb The Wall, or anything, but I could have EASILY have taken it back into the dunes and towed a sand rail back - I felt THAT good about them.

    DO NOT think the standard Dueler A/Ts are the same. They're NOT. The REVOS have a distinctive tread pattern that makes ALL the difference.

    When the tires on my 2004 Sierra 2500HD go bad, I'm putting the Revos on - nothing else will even be considered.

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    Pleasant View, UT

    1998 Tahoe LT 4dr 4wd
    2004 GMC 2500HD CC / SB

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