I was coming home today and i started up the hill and noticed a loud grinding noise...i was in two wheel drive...i pulled over cause it sounded like something in the bellhousing but it would only do it while driving and you have to give it a little gas to make the noise but the trans is rebuilt with some performance upgrades..so i doubt its a trans noise if i come to a stop like to powerbrake it or brakestand it doesnt make the noise what could it be??bearing in t case?/or the front actuator sticking i had it in four wheel about 30 miles previous just to back up but it came out and went in fine...if i barley give it gas it goes just fine but if i go to drive it normal it makes an awful 4wd kinda drive grind and soulutions im puttin it on the rack at work in the mornin but i cant wait its buggin me