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    Default Silverado Oil Filter

    What's the best oil filters to use for the Chevy Silverado? I assume everyone's got their own preferences?

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    I go with Dana/WIX (available as NAPA GOLD at NAPA auto parts stores--and they are reasonably priced as well).
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    i use the same unless royal purple is havein a sale lol

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    i use the same unless royal purple is on sale

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    Im a WIX guy all the way, that is when i do my own oil, since during the winter i dont always change it since i dont have a garage, and my truck doesnt fit in my buddies shop....


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    I've always gone with napa gold oil filters. I'm a big napa fan and since we spend 50 grand on oil, oil filters, general service on our farm equipment every year might as well buy the truck filter from them as well! I did try a K&N this most recent time though. We'll see if it holds up!

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    I will but stock GM, as I did with my other GM's when they were newer. I know there was a posting or a thread here somewhere in thelast week about a mechanic finding problem with a brand of oil filters recently. He stated something about the brand never used to be any trouble, but when we were all posting/threading about oil/oil changes he mentioned about a particular brand----hope this makes sense as I have had very little sleep today---just got off rotation of 3 x 12's of midnights at work (only in Canada eh!!! )

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    Amsoil Ea filter.
    2000 Silverado 5.3L Z71 4x4: K&N air filter, Procomp 16x8 rims, 285/70R16 Toyo AT2s, Kenwood head unit, Alpine 500.1 amp, 12" kicker, Infinity 5.25" speakers, Bilstein HD shocks, EBC GD Sport dimple & slotted front rotors w. EBC green stuff pads, Brembo slotted rear rotors & HIDs.

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    I'm simple...Fram works for me. I like the grip on the bottom of the filter.

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    we took one of them fram ones apart in class one time and the napa was better it had a metal ring holding it together while the fram had just cardboard...

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    I've done some research on this. For the most part, there are two categories of filters, plus Fram. In general.....

    The first category: Champ labs produces most of the low/mid level filters. STP, Group 7, local quickie lube, Napa Pro-Select and sorry to say, AC Delco. Minimal amounts of filter media, low grade anti drain back, cheesy flat spring, etc. The filter rating scales are virtually useless, therefore it's easy for them to pass. The mid lines like Bosch, Silverline, etc are still Champ, but a little better quality. Better quality anti-drainback for example.

    Second category: Top quality filters. WIX (including Napa Gold and Carquest's premium filter), Donaldson, Mobil1/K&N, etc. The WIX and Donaldson (Amsoil) filters are very high quality. Solid construction, good materials, often synthetic blend filter media. Mobil1 and K&N are the same filter, by Mobil 1. They have the best quality filter media, full synthetic with variable pore size.

    Fram: For the most part, crap. The orange ones have poor construction, usually cardboard endplates on the filter medium. Abundant marketing gives them a strong market share. The Tough Guard is often a better filter, and twice as expensive.

    There are exceptions to this. Some STP cartridge filters are German made, and cost $15 or more. And some Fram filters do have metal end plates, heavy bases, etc.

    What do I use? Mobil 1. On an economy job I'll use a Fram Tough Guard.
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