So I turned 21 on Saturday. I had people telling me their stories of their 21st birthday of how they don't remember half the night how they drank way too much and was puking all night. I was like well I'm going to just stick to one drink so I don't mix and get sick.

Well this is how mine went. I decided last minute to go out on Friday at Midnight to a local bar called Heavys. It was a good time except the fact I didn't drink much but still got sick. I got there a lot of my friends were there and wishing me a happy birthday. As soon as I sat down my cousin gave me a Budweiser. Got half way done and my uncles girlfirend bought us girls a shot of Jose Cuervo. It knocked me on my ass, my cousin puked from it. I finished my beer and got a sex on the beach. Then my uncle buys he and I a shot of crown.

That's what did me in. I ended up puking at the bar. I only lasted 2 and 1/2 hours Friday night. I proceeded to pray to the porcelain god when I got home for about an hour. Did you know if you eat Qudoba's it comes up looking just the way it went down?

Saturday rolls around and I felt like ****. I've been sick before from drinking but I never had a hang over the next day. Well almost all day Saturday I kept feeling like I was going to have to go visit the porcelain god again, it took me well over an hour to take a shower because I kept feeling like I was going to get sick. Thankfully by the time we went out Saturday night I was feeling better.

We went to 8 seconds Saturday night. It's a county bar. Met up with a lot of friends and family. They all said they would be surprised if I made it to 10pm since we were there at 7. Since I wasn't feeling well I started with mtn dew to make sure I lasted a while. About 9 I started drinking. Danielle, my moms friend, bought her and I a shot of some fruity stuff, it was a wet *****. lol. I love alcohol names.

I made it through the night with only two other drinks I had a white russian and a jolly rancher. I had two by choice I didn't really want a repeat of Friday night. I had people I didn't know offering to buy me drinks all night. Saturday went well except for the creepy dude. He was sitting behind us all night and kept starring at me. I went up to dance once and when I came off the floor he was standing there and stuck his hand out to introduce himself. I shook his hand and told him my name and he wouldn't let go of my hand.

He just kept standing there starring at me holding my hand. I was like ok are you going to say anything else cause he looked like he wanted to and he wouldn't let go of me. My uncles girlfriend came up and put her arm between us and said she's with me. We went and sat down and the guy sat right behind us again. He was by himself. I got up to talk to my mom and when I did he kept saying my name trying to get me to come over to his table but I ignored him. After that he just wouldn't stop starring at me and he watched me everywhere I went anytime I got close to his table to do anything like go to the dance floor, bathroom, bar he kept saying my name.

I was talking with my friends about it and one of them knows one of the security guys there so he went and told him what was going on. I figured they would just make him move to the other side of the bar or something but they ended up kicking him out. The bouncer came up to me afterwards and said the dude was a weirdo just from walking him up to the front I guess he was talking all kinds of crazy ****. Other then that the weekend was good.