Hi guys im new to the site, my first chevy...I bought this truck three weeks ago for 1500 great deal it has a 454 that runs strong however it has a heavy whining noise comming from the engine the previous owner told me it was the power steering pump and i noticed it was leaking so i replaced the pump and the same thing a very loud heavy whining. So i thought mabye one of the pulies so to check everything at once i pulled the surp. belt and started the motor and the same thing (whining).It sounds just like a power steering pump going, but louder.The whining gets louder with increse in rpms, In Park or drive I cant figure out what it could be.I think its internal. Also on the heads theirs a decal that says 454 by Tonawanda engine. Im told these engines have a bit more hp due to a roller valve train but not sure any help please!!!!!!