The space in between automobile sales and pickup truck sales got broader in October. the number of pickup trucks and amount of automobiles increased over all. That said, the nature of the space between them is surprising. It would make sense that a lot of people will be buying more economic cars during an economically down time. More pickup trucks, however, were really sold than cars.

Post resource - Gap between truck sales and car sales widens by Car Deal Expert.

Less cars selling while more trucks are selling

Auto sales in Oct were really great. The month had gains posted for practically all auto makers. Toyota on the other hand, as a result of lawsuits and recalls losing respect from the public, reports losses. USA Today reports that 54 percent of new auto sales were from trucks too. If you purchased a new pickup from Ford, there was zero-percent financing on auto loans while if you purchased a Dodge Ram pickup you can get the ď60-Day-HandshakeĒ which meant you can return the truck in 60 days if you didnít like it. These incentives probably helped a lot. The figure includes pickups, but additionally vehicles that technically use a "truck" chassis. There were also included within the figure SUVís and minivans. Anything under the heading could go there.

Forget about the price of gas

Fuel consumption is something that car buyers are aware of. Small cars and hybrid sales are increasing though. That hasn't slowed the sale of full size pickups. When the truck and SUV craze had been going, gas had been less than $2 per gallon when now it is more than $2.80 a gallon which is more costly. Work autos are what most of the purchases were for. Most companies havenít been able to afford to replace work cars such as trucks and vans because they donít have the auto credit needed.

Getting all the trucks you need

Trucks are the bread and butter of domestic automakers. The best selling pickup in the world is the F 150 which is sold by Ford. Soon it could be coming out with the turbo-charged V6. Donít forget that Chevrolet, GMC and Dodge all sell a lot too.


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