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I tried to find an official website from the state that explained the proposed "Super Speeder Law" heres the best I could find:
Essentially the new law adds to your fine if your caught going over 85mph on a 4 lane or wider highway or 75mph on a 2 lane roadway.
I'm sure theres other stipulations in the law but these are the issues that seem to have everyone upset over the new law.

Personally I dont have an issue with this law because I feel if you violate the law be ready to pay, there is a posted speed limit and it's your responsibility to not only know it but to obey it.
Yes I do occaisionally speed but as I get older I'm finding the speed violations I commit are lower than they were say 10 years ago, if I'm running 65-70 in a 60mph zone its a very rare day, I usually set the cruise at 64/65 and leave it at that.
Once in a great while I'll run my bike as fast as 80+, but again I know the speed limit and if I get caught it's my fault.
I've become a firm believer of leave the high speeds on the track where you and the other drivers are prepared for them.
I also stay around the speed limit because of points on my CDL and keep my driving record clear . Nothing is worth it to me putting my life and others at risk but I see it everyday,everywhere people driving stupid. It's never going to get any better , just dodge em and avoid tragedy the best I can