So, here is my Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa gift to everyone at GMTC. I'm giving away everyone one here a free two week trial of SiriusXM Radio !

Ok.... Actually I'm not really giving anything away. But Sirius/XM is ..

So if you bought your truck/car used and simply didn't get to try SiriusXM radio out well here is your chance and it is free. If you had a subscription and it ran out, you can try it again and see if it has gotten any better since you last had it. Or if your on the road this Thanksgiving holiday and your MP3 Player, CDs/DVDs and AM/FM radio is getting boring tune SiriusXM. Anyways heres the info...

SiriusXM Radio is inviting you and your friends to a free preview of XM Radio starting November 18 through Dec 1. All you have to do is turn on your inactive XM radio to listen to 60 channels of music, sports, talk and more. Share this free preview so your friends can rediscover SiriusXM! Get more info about the preview, including how to listen online at or

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday !