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    Quote Originally Posted by 1flyfisher View Post
    Are you guys aware of If not you should be. There is a page for your home town and you get to read and write reviews of local businesses. SO you can go on Yelp and tell other folks in your community how lousy the local Firestone store has been to you. This benefits others and helps hold businesses accountable. You can read and write reviews for any local business, restaurants, auto shops whatever. So before you frequent a business you can see what others have to say about it.
    Yelp has it's place, but this site works well and can provide much more detail and information as well.

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    Yelp and this site have little in common.
    Can this site recommend a good local mechanic in my area or does it have reviews of shops in my area?
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    1flyfisher thanks for the yelp... I'd never heard of it.........
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    this just reminded me of when my tps on my 97 monti went out. i was very new to fuel injection/pc controlled systems at the time and the car started shifting late and would not shift into 4th gear. so i went to aamco thinking it was something with the tranny. they ran the codes on it an told me (it ha issue and they need to fix it right away). i asked what issue's and they replied with multiple sensors are bad. after beating around the bush for awhile i finally got the sheet on the code read. the only fault code was tps. they quickly said they would do me a favor and would due to job for a reduced price of $314. even not knowing at the time what a tps was that seemed a lil to high for me. they haggled me for about 5min when i was attempting to just leave i finally had to get nasty with them(being in the navy at the time i could get very nasty) and them just walked out. they didnt even get my car out of the shop so i went in an got it myself. i stopped by advanced auto on the way home and told them i needed a tps. once i would get it i was pretty sure i would be able to find the old 1 and change it. well it was at the time $36 for the sensor. i went home and popped the hood. it didnt take long to find it. up front, easy to get to, 2 screws and about 5min later counting my time to get the tools and it was fixed. i still feel insulted till today of how much they attempted to rip me off for. they ha set about $250 labor for a 5min job since the customer didnt know any better. after the years following and learning far far more since then i would have to be in my death bed before a shop ever touched my vehicals again. that is for anything i can do. some things like an alignment i have to let a shop do but yet im in the bay right next to them. good thing when i have my t-bird done. the mn12 platform uses an internal camber on the upper control arm. the dude told me thats a solid bolt and could not be adjusted. i replied with i installed it. it can be adjusted, its internal. non the less they guy wouldnt touch it. i drove 45min back home. got the vid cam out and recorded the control arm moving in and out as i rotated the camber bolt. drove 45min back and showed the manager and asked why his guy was to stupid to understand the laws of physics. this has been 5years ago and i still get free alignments for my vehicles. i take each 1 in every 3months.

    i could wright a book on how many times i have encountered a shop ripping me other someone else off. it has come to the point that i dont trust any shop but a fabrication shop. they tend to have people that not only do mechanics as a job but really enjoy working on stuff aswell. and most will be happy to do normal maintenance during the slower winter days. other than that imo its worth even having to rent a car before letting someone else do what i could do. if i cant do it, then it sits until i find out how.
    94 sub 6inch lift 34inch bfg mt. massive rework project soon. the audio system hit 150.3db so now its time to rebuild and try for 155db. mudpuppy is also getting a new engine, rebuilt ifs, dual 500amp 15.1vdc alts, 5 5,000amp batts, ant the combined wattage with the new system should be close to 15,000watts. this is going to be a wild ride boy and girls.

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