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View Poll Results: Have gas prices changed your driving habits?

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  • No, I drive the same and just pay.

    273 72.03%
  • Yes, I cut back on needless trips and consolidate.

    258 68.07%
  • Yes, I drive a lot less and even change plans to save fuel

    153 40.37%
  • Yes, I have parked or sold a vehicle because of high gas prices.

    125 32.98%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    damn thats a good idea with the golf cart
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffs89Suburban View Post
    as for my GMC van, gonna try and trade it for an 87-91 Buick Le Sabre/Park Avenue
    If you're going with an 87-91 H or C body, I recommend an 89-91 Bonneville. My 89 used to average 25...20 city, 31 highway. Great cars. Love my 3800! Got rid of my 89 and got a 93. Love it even more.

    Back on topic..

    yeah...gas is a pain. Filled my tank for $105 last month.....and 3 days ago for about $80, so its getting better...i think

    I average about 15.8 according to the DIC, so I guess I just need to lighten up the right foot a little and get 16.8!

    Also, side note. Exclusively shell & chevron. But about 98% Shell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cableguy View Post
    Now if I can get the wife to stop impulse shopping at that stupid Walmart...Gawd I hate that store. Honey can go here honey can I go there...Ah shut up and leave me alone.
    We love Wal Mart.. there are worse (read more expensive) options .

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    I've switched over to E85 completely and it's $2.97 in Los Angeles. Burns faster than gas, but my AV runs like a dream on this stuff. It's getting warmer, so I'll be riding my motorcycle more in the Spring/Summer, but I drive the AV every chance I get.
    What can I say, I like my toys BLUE!

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    We live in the country and we drive seperate vehicles as we work odd hours. We do go for a weekend ride every week and that's entertainment for us, which if compared to whatever else one must do for entertainment it's still pretty cheap comparitively. I won't plan more driving trips but I won't plan less either. No matter what it costs, I'm gonna buy it as I don't like horses enough to ride one. It's sad that it has to cost so much as I burn 2 gallons a day just going to work and back.
    2013 Sierra Crew Cab.

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    Thumbs up

    I use my burban as a commuter during the winter. During the warmer months it's mainly used for trips to the local Menards or Home Depot run or the occasional "Can you help me move this?".

    It has 189,xxx miles on it and when it comes time to get rid of it, I'll miss it... Anyone know of a good, reputable place that could restore it back to its original glory?



    1988 Chevy Surban 1/2 ton 4x4
    1965 Chevy Corvair 2 dr. coupe

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    I am glad to say we have changed our driving habits; but not because of the prices, just to conserve.

    Our Suburban is and always will be only a trip vehicle that we drive only 5 over the speedlimit instead of our normal 10-15.
    I walk my errands much more. My wife and 1 year old will once the temperatures warm up.
    I think our biggest savings is planning ahead: buy groceries for the week or more, buy enough nails, screws, etc. when planning a fix-up project.
    I work at an equipment rental store and frequently see/hear people do this, especially sales reps: Leave their pickup or van running then complain about gas prices. You know the type.

    Kind of like an employee who complains he can't make ends meet, but misses work by leaving early and taking additional days off.
    01 Suburban 2500 LT 4X4, 8.1L
    95 Taurus SHO, 80K, 5 sp, many mods

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    Default Impala

    Didn't sell my Tahoe, but, I bought myself a factory program 2005 Impala that gets 30 mpg!!!

    Just about ready to retire. Have 29 Years service. One to go! :glasses:

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    Pleasant View, UT

    Default vehicle selection

    I get 30mpg with my Regal, so I use that for my daily work commute - but I only work 10 miles from home, so $30 will last me nearly 2 weeks. I take the Sierra to work on the occasional Saturday I go to work, only because I miss driving it. I never intended to drive it alot, but ... I tend to use it less knowing it only gets 15mpg. The Tahoe is my wife's vehicle - she uses it for everything she does: work, stores, kids, etc. She only works 4 miles from home, so it's not bad.

    All in all, we only pay about $100 a month in gas. The only time it bothers me is when I want to go on vacation in the summer and I have to drag the trailer for 2000 miles at 9mpg and $3.50 a gallon. THAT stinks! But you plan ahead and save up because it's STILL worth the money for the two weeks of MUCH NEEDED stress relief.

    My neighbor bought a CNG pickup, so he's only paying 65 cents a comparable gallon ... BUT he's now got a car payment of $350 a month on top of that. Doesn't make much sense to me, but ... OK.
    Pleasant View, UT

    1998 Tahoe LT 4dr 4wd
    2004 GMC 2500HD CC / SB

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    I answered No, I drive the same and just pay.

    I ride this baby as a daily driver, gets about 48 mpg.

    Only take the truck when it is raining or a bit chilly.

    When I take the truck, I don't feel the price of fuel pinch too much

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    2003 Silverado 1500 4x4
    Jax FL

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