Mornin, everyone....figured I better be polite and introduce myself before I start asking questions. OK, OK...I am introducing my truck, not me....nobody really cares about ME around here, do they?

In Feb 2001, the tranny went out in my S10, so I decided to buy a new truck. I decided that this time, I would buy the truck I WANT rather than the one that makes sense. I ended up with a Victory Red regular cab Z71 step side with most of the options...most important being the 5.3 liter (I was disappointed to find I couldn't get the 6.0 in a half ton), 3.73 gears, and a limited slip dif.

It now has 190,000 abusive miles on it. I admit, I have driven it hard and put it away wet...and some of that abuse is starting to show in worn out parts. still runs great, looks great, and pulls 14 mpg towing my car (Pontiac Fiero). It is still almost completely stock, and I have no intentions of modding it.

Sorry bout the bad shadows...was the only pic I could find on short notice.