Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm somewhat involved in a project to help sick children this Holiday season and to solicit some help to raise money.

Like Friendly & $1 Goes to Children's Medical Center
For the next few weeks, Friendly Chevrolet in Dallas Texas will donate $1 for each new fan on its Facebook page. So if you have a Facebook account, just go to the site, like the page and $1 will be given to Children's Medical Center in Dallas, Texas for your simple act. Children's is actually just about 1/2 mile from Friendly just north of Downtown Dallas on I-35.

Non-profit top-10 Pediatric Hospital
Both of my kids have had to have some serious time with doctors, hospitals, specialists, medicines, etc. It can be overwhelming and very expensive. But Children's is a non-profit hospital that is one of the top 10 for pediatrics in the US and they never turn away someone due to lack of funds to pay. They rely on donations from outside vendors to keep everything running, so anything that can be done will help out in the long run.

Thanks and report back here if you LIKED the Friendly Chevrolet page on faceook!

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