Taking a butt kicking here. I have a 1987 3/4 ton Pickup since it had 12k on it and only have 69k on it now. It is a 454 tbi with a turbo 400 and the towing package. My grandparents special ordered it new.

I have had fuel problems for a while. a few months back i moved the bed back and replaced both fuel pumps with the strainers. I also replaced the rocker switch for choosing the tank. the right tank was not working i was getting bad readings on the fuel gauge, and it was jumping. I have not added a second ground to the tank to make sure that is tight. the reason for that is years ago i would change the pump by dropping the tank and i wonder if i stretched the wire on inside the shield and possibly that is why the gauge was not working.

So the other day i decide i want to look at the right side. i flip the rocker switch to the right side then crawled under the truck to test the voltage. I asked for a meter and was smelling a burning smell, when my son came over to give me the meter he told me that the truck was smoking inside. When i got in i did not see any smoke but i could smell it.

Well guess what? the truck now would not start at all. I did test the pumps for noise using the test line on the fuel pump relay, and could hear both of them. I did find a bad ecm B fuse and a second one. but either one of them burning should not have created the smell. I did remove the dash bezel and dash and have been through the wiring and was not able to find any wires that look like they have heated up.
When turn the key on i can hear the pump running, but when i got under it tonight i was easily able to use my finger to try to feel any flow and there was very little. I did not put a gauge on it to check for the 9 psi but there seem to be very little flow. I did disconnect the line at the TBI and did not get any flow there. I thought that the new filter i had replace may have been bad, i removed it and it was fine, with no restrictions.

So not i am wondering if it is possible that the diverter valve may be causing some type of problem, and possibly the rocker switch was causing the smoke. I did not pull it yet.
Any ideas would be helpful.