Yeah reset that on board pc when ever you want to recheck your MPG. Like when you go on a highway miles trip.

Here's what I do. When I am getting ready for a 60 mile highway ride I let the vehicle warm up. THEN when I pull out of the driveway I reset the pc to see how I do on a highway trip.

For Highway driving I get 20 MPG+. BUT it all averages out and overall I am getting around 15+ mixed city/highway.
So really the vehicle gets around 15. BUT a LONG HIGHWAAY trip I do good at 20+.

These rigs do great in the snow and light off road, IF you get some decent ALL TERRAIN TIRES. I have a few folks up here at tahoe that say the AWD VAN does much better in the snow than their CHevy/GMC pickups and SUV's.

Good Luck.

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Cool. I didn't realize you can reset. So I reset yesterday morning. It's back to just over 14 in the city.
As far as the AWD. Holy Crap... its awesome. Taking off from the light in the snow is pure fun. I love being next to a 4X4 and leaving them in the snow dust.