I finally got my truck going. It sat for at least 3 years and before that it was only used around a farm. I had to replace the drivers side tank and sending unit, fuel pump, a ton of cracked hoses, the battery and alternator. I also changed the oil and anti freeze of course. It ran really rough so I added a can of sea foam to the 5 gallons of gas and revved it hard for a while. The sea foam did it's job and now it runs smooth. The tranny is leaking from the shifter seal so that will be next when it warms up a little from the below zero temps we are having. There is still a lot to do but it's running now and a blast to drive! One more Chevy saved from the wrecking yard! Future plans include-replacing a bad valve seal, drain and replace the brake fluid, power wash the motor and put on new valve cover gaskets, clean and rattle can the underside , roll on bed liner, tires and put a working stereo in. Next year I'm thinking big block, big tires and big axles.