Your so right!! You must have been there. That's one church that doesn't let back in.
The real story is about as good, I bought the 70 pictured about a year ago, for low money. Great paint, bed most everthing except, brakes all bad, steering loose, Ugly under hood, springs torched and bottomed, bad carpet, tail pipes just, nice duel 3in. The truck is sooo light in the back, I spin tires about anytime. .Thats the smoke part.
I also use my truck as an out reach, conversation piece at cruise-ins and become a friend to people and find out how I can help them in their lives. Ya end up with lots of friends. And we learn from each other. (I learn more). There were a lot of Miracles from day one on this, out of our control. I didn't even see it in the beginning. My whole life puts me at a good position for this.
A friend of ours, knew what was happening and knew how it spins tires all the time, she said "Holy Smoke". My wife and I's jaws hit the floor. So the trucks name is Holy Smoke.