I have owned 2 Cobalts in my day. I had an 05 Lt, then i realised i wanted the SS so i traded it in for an 06 SS. i bought the car fall of 06, New/Used. Had a new car title, but it had 2500 miles on it. It was the owners car, his demo. but the warrenty didnt start until i purchased it which was nice. it listed for just under $25,000. i purchased it for $16,500.

fully loaded, and it has the limited G85 package, which gave you a slightly upgraded trans with an LSD, Recaro racing seats, and an overall slightly lighter car.

For those of you who dont know this car has a supercharged 2.0 4 cylinder. and puts out 10-11 psi stock. GM way under rated the car i believe for insurance purposes. they claim it make 205hp at the engine. me and many other Cobalt owners have put down 215-220hp at the wheels

I am very much into cars and trucks of all kinds, lowered lifted, fast slow, import american made. i just like things done tastfully but to the extreme at the same time.

Well here is my car with only 12,400 miles on it, and a fully built motor (with internals) currently pushing 25psi, on 116oct. race gas. last dyno pull was at only 18 PSI on 116 oct. and it had 320ish hp and 315tq

This car was built by me and my crew in house, and we also painted it.