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    The 2 vehicles I currently use over the road are a '91 Ford F250 heavy duty 3/4 4X4 diesel auto and a '97 Ford Aerostar 4X4 with the 4.0.

    The '91 gets 20 mpg if you keep it under 60 on the highway, with a personal best of 23.6, it drops to 16-18 in town depending how much I am rapping the pipes to drown out the buzzy rice grinder next to me. Of course the nearest town big enough to have these is 100 miles away so it doesn't happen very often. It does drop to 12 if I tie on to something really heavy.

    The '97 gets 20-22 highway with midgrade fuel under 70mph, regular drops it down to 17-18, 16-18 in town(the 4 blocks to the other end of town to work for my wife).

    Diesel fuel is now cheaper than gas so I will probably be running the pickup more than the van down the highway.

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    Smile Slow Pokes Here

    My partner and I tend to lead rather sedate lives.(translation: boring) We each average less than 5 miles/day. I keep track of the Saturn, and have consistently gotten 18mpg +/- a couple tenths of a mile. This is strictly driving in the neighborhood. Once I got it out on the highway and got better than 25 mph.
    My partner has taken over our new '07 Equinox. I have not been able to get an accurate reading as she keeps accidently throwing away the slip of paper that I jot down gallons and miles on when I fill up HER truck. The "little man in the dashboard" (DIC) says we are getting 14.5-14.9 mpg. But again this is only slow poke driving in the neighborhood. About two weeks ago we did make a trip across town on the freeway and dash indicator read 19.5. I will hide my notes, and get a better figure. I'll post later.
    I would be very interested to hear of the REAL figures (not dashboard read-out) from other Equinox owners.
    Both vehicles are bone-stock and in tip-top tune and condition.

    '07 Nox LT
    '99 Saturn SL1

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    Default Mileage

    I wonder about changing the differential (both of them) from the 3.73 gears to 3.08 or something like that. Acceleration would suffer but that's ok. Most of my trips are 30+ miles and I rarely tow anything bigger than my lawn mower.
    Do you think 3.08 would increase the mileage by the corresponding 21%. If so, it would pay for itself in about 35000 miles.

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    Angry 02 Silverado Z71 Woes...

    I'm getting 10-12 MPG, but all I do is drive locally. No idea what highway mileage would be. Any suggestions on improving performance?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    Well, I thought so too, but a local car guy on the radio (Ed Wallace) said on his show a couple weeks ago that the average is about 10-15% worse mileage when it's raining. I guess it's because of an overall lower co-efficient of friction.
    In that case, I should think that it would even itself out to a point. Since you may encounter slippage at take off, that same lowered friction should allow the car to travel easier at cruising. Less rolling resistance, I would think.

    Holy cow this thread exploded!!! lol When I started to respond to Steve's post, there were only 6 there are 24
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    Rhode Island

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    MY 1991 Blazer with the 350 doesn't do to bad. It has dual shocks all the way around, electric fan, underdrive pullys, power raid TB spacer, jacobs electronic ignition (MSD) Free flowing exhaust with full length headers and an H-pipe with no cats. I towed my 20 ft boat about 50 miles round trip and burned less than 1/4 of a tank. I was also driving like that little old lady i had to race in my sonoma!

    (2002 Chevrolet 3500)
    (1991 Chevrolet K5 Blazer)
    (2000 Maxum Boat Powered By A 5.0 Chevy Vortec )

    (previous vehicles)
    1997 Chevrolet 3500
    2003 Trailblazer
    2002 Chevy Tahoe
    1993 GMC Jimmy
    1987 Chevy Astro
    1986 GMC Safari
    1997 GMC Sonoma
    1994 Maxum Boat Powered By A Chevy Vortec

    !!!Seems to be a pattern!!!

    If your going to jump then be sure to bring a parachute in case you change your mind on the way


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    i get 16.5-17, 07 suburban 5.3 stock. i'm gonna keep driving stock a few more weeks and then install a cai to see if it helps...

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    My 07 Colorado (4cyl, 5spd) gets around 23mpg mixed 60% city and 40% highway driving. I'm expecting it to increase though as it only has 3200 miles on it.

    My previous car was an '03 Subaru WRX. I averaged just under 20 mpg if I was light on the gas, and around 17mpg if I got on it.

    My '04 Cavalier got 32mpg driving 100% city... (shoulda kept it, graduation present = no payments)

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    '05 Tahoe gets 14.9 MPG and the '96 Z71 gets NOTHING...tranny blew last week.
    '05 Tahoe Z71 (LOADED!!)
    '96 Z71 Pickup (OLDIE BUT GOODIE!!)


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    Default Mileage

    My 2005 Silverado V6 gets about 20mpg highway.

    Truck has K&N Cold Air, MSD Ignition, Cat Back dual exhausts.

    It would probaly do better with a lighter foot.


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