Hello and greetings to all...new guy here with a question about removing the front bumper corners on the 07 NBS Silverado. I am wanting to replace the driver side front bumper corner due to heavy scratches received in a parking lot confrontation. The scratches are too deep to buff out so I am looking at just replacing both corners with either chrome or painted. I found the chrome bumper ends on e-bay (see below). My question is how difficult is it to remove the bumper ends? I have searched and found a diagram of the front bumper and it appears there are only 9 bolts/clips holding the bumper end in place. Can I remove the 9 bolts/clips and take off the old bumper end and replace it with the new one? Looks like a pretty straight forward job. I am wondering if there are any other front bumper parts that I need to remove in order to replace the corner piece. Any help or input would be appreciated.