ok the engine light came on after the 2010 silverado started running rough while at idle. I took it in and they said cylinder 1 wasn't firing. I pulled the plug and it was white which I know means it is running lean/hot. I put in a new plug and that seems to have fixed the problem. about a month or so of running now and it is starting to run a little rough at idle again. I took it to the dealer and they said everything is fine. They said they have seen similar problems and they recommend replacing the plug, wire, and (don't recall appropriate name) the pack that supplies the spark. I have put some fuel injector cleaner through the gas tank. Anyone have info on this? I don't want to ruin my engine. The dealer of course said this isn't covered under the 100k warranty since it's not inside the engine where it's lubricated - figures. I thought Chevy was better than that but apparently not. I do know that this is my 4th brand new Chevy in the last 10 years, and after this there will not be a 5th.
Any help is appreciated. Suggestions on what to do to remedy this ? anyone had similar issues ?