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    Question for you sir, I have had this issue the last 3 years on occasion only when driving in snowy conditions.

    I have a 2007 LTZ 4wd that we take skiing once or twice a year. We bought the vehicle new (155K now) and I am reluctant to go into the dealership for the "ole'part swap and hope" as the problem will not duplicate until I hit snow again.

    Which door sill are you checking under for moisture?

    Also, I have a service suspension that has recently come up and wondered if it was tied somehow?


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    It is under the driver's door on the inside of the frame and is about as big as both your fists.
    I actually never did have to clean mine out. It took about 6 weeks of intermittently coming on,
    especially when I turned sharp either way, and then corrected itself. I have had it to come on
    once since that time and I was at the beach in a sandy parking lot. It came on but the traction
    lock was actually working even though it was sending that error message to my dash board. Mine
    is a 2wd crew cab so I am not sure about the 4wd but I would think it would be located in the same
    place. When it was coming on intermittently during that 6 week period, I could back it straight up
    under my carport, cut it off, and the next day it would be gone and not appear again until I turned
    very sharp one way or the other. First and foremost, go somewhere it is slick, (light mud or ice or
    something), get it to come on if you can, then see if the traction lock is actually working like mine
    did even though the light is on. If so. Ignore it and save yourself $800.00.

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    No kidding on the save hopefully. I have read the owners manual and have gotten to the off/on drill, and have done that in the past to get it to clear. Thanks for the info on where to check for moisture.

    When this happens we are in usually heavy snow and I am certain many areas on the vehicle are seeing conditions not normally encountered. Problem is, 7:00 A.M., going up the ski hill at high altitude and encountering a "power reduction" is not the place to be with heavy traffic behind you not to mention limited places to pull off to reset.

    I have owned four (used) suburbans since 2001, first new one in 2007 and quite frankly, it has been the most disappointing, from ac compressor to door handles, rubber off the steering wheel to the plastic chrome off the indside door handle, lots of crapy issues. Majority of first year lightweight plastic B.S., bummer. However, I am taking this family wagon into the ground and milking it for all it is worth.

    Thank for the reply and thanks in advance to any others...


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    I just remembered on the power loss issue, that's what stabiltrak is. When I first got my truck, remember, it is a 2 wd, I was
    planting soybeans and it had rained a couple of days prior. Me being used to having a 4wd truck parked in a muddy place.
    When I went to move my truck it just sat there and slowly spinned I thought until I looked at my tach.. It was rev limiting at
    1500 rpms and I wasn't moving too much. I started rocking it back and forth to try to get out of the bog and was making
    some progress when I realized the engine wasn't revving up like it should because I had it on the mat.. I saw my icon on the
    dash was lit up and thought it was telling me I needed to mash that button so I did. The rpms shot up about 5000 and I
    bogged straight down to the point I had to get my big tractor to pull it out. I don't like stabiltrak but it is designed to limit
    the power to the wheels just as soon as "the sensor" tells it the wheels are slipping. I'm sure you know what a Z06 Corvette
    is. A buddy of mine has one and took me for a RIDE (my first & my last). He has an option on that is similar to changing it
    from highway driving to race track conditions. He lit up the tires on that thing and just as soon as he did the engine died a little
    the tires locked up to the pavement and it almost snatched my neck in half when it left the line. I think GM has tried to integrate that same system on these trucks and it ain't working. Looks to me like they would come out with a bypass for that.
    I'm sure someone will. When you get on snow and ice and the truck senses the tires slipping it is cutting the power to your
    engine and yes, that ain't a good feeling but, I don't know of a way around it.

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    Hey guys, new to the forum. I just started having the same problems. I have a 2013 gmc sierra z71 , just turn 7000 miles. Have any of y'all had it die while waiting in line at the drive threw, mind did. It also died two more times before I can get back to the house that was only about ten miles away.

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    That is a whole different story than what mine did. I just got the dash light coming on and "false reading" (SERVICE TRACTION
    LOCK - TRACTION LOCK NOT WORKING). It was aggrevating but I took it back to that same place I bogged down at where it
    was slick and, it being just a 2wd, went through it and gave the false reading the whole time and yet when I went through it
    both the traction lock was working and the engine limited out at 1500 to put traction to the back wheels. Everything was fine
    and in about 6 weeks it quit coming on. Another thing about mine is I could have the light on and back straight up in the yard
    and park my truck for several hours or overnight and it would not come back on again until I made a sharp turn.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum! I understand that you are seeking technical advice from your fellow forum members to resolve this issue yourself. I might not be able to give you any technical advice but I did want to let you know that GM Customer Care is here on the forum and happy to assist if you find that you cannot resolve this issue. We are only a private message away!

    Safe travels,

    Jennifer T.
    GM Customer Care

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    Thank you for joining the conversation! These guys, including myself and millions of others want to know if GM is working on
    an add on option that would bypass this unit that is falsing and also will it be put on recall. This power reduction, as you can
    see from the deroberson testimony above, that it could possible turn into a fatality or serious bodily injury that very may well
    include members of your family. I see a class action lawsuit on the rise about this possibly fatal issue when the facts are that
    PROCEDURE "THAT WORKS". Lonewolfsteven has a valid and winnable case of invoking the "Lemon Law" on his vehicle. All he
    has to do is to print off these hundreds of testimonies about this problem and get him a good lawyer at GM's expense and have
    the vehicle replaced. I promise you that before you can read this message and I were in his shoes with only 7000 miles on
    a brand new vehicle, I would be sitting with my attorney as soon as his door opened THIS morning, not tomorrow or when
    I get time but NOW.

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    We'll I ran a code reader on my truck it threw me two codes P0601 control module ROM malfunction and code C0242 PCM indicated TCS malfunction. Call dealer to come tow my truck, now waited on dealer to call me back.
    Well dealer is coming for my truck but don't know how long they are going to keep it. But they couldn't give me a vehicle since they don't know how long they are going to have it. This really sucks because I have to go to work tonight and have to get a ride from someone.
    Last edited by Lonewolfsteven; 11-18-2013 at 09:36 AM. Reason: More information

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    couple months ago I had the intermittent "stabilitrack off, service traction control" lights scroll across the dash with NO power loss or other issues. the other day I had the service engine light appear for the first time without the stabilitrack problems. drove immediately to local service shop to diagnose and repair. they found no codes were found. the tech told me that unless the codes are on for a full ignition cycle, they won't store. they checked everything and found only issue was a low battery voltage and that if that happens the TCS / stabilitrack shows errors or shuts down. they replaced the battery and still the same problem persists not even a week later. I have an '07 4.8 4x4 with 95k. I've seen here in this forum to replace the air intake, grease the harness connections, change spark plugs, there's a service bulletin, a leaking head gasket, and replace the fuel pump. i'm not rich; I cannot do all of this crap. should I just go get another truck (non GM) that doesn't have this problem???? at wit's end.

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