I just had the same problem last night with my 2012 Traverse all of the sudden. So, I searched and I found this subject on this forum and many, many other forums. I have spent the last few hours reading all of these posts on here and on other sites. Here is what I have gotten out of it:

This exact problem has been going on for many years and with many Chevy models, not just the Traverse. Many consumers have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars taking their vehicle to the dealerships several times to have several things done or replaced...and they are still having this problem. Some thought it was solved by replacing the Throttle Body only to have the problem come back after some time. GM has a TSB #11273 for this problem that only includes some years, not 2012 through current, yet I see reports of this problem being reported for brand new 2014's. GM is playing stupid and avoiding this like the plague, hoping that we will all write our little posts about the same issue, read it, not find an answer, just feel like we're “not alone”, shrug our shoulders,and accept the fact that we are screwed.

First of all, if you are the owner of a vehicle that is less than a year old, you are in a much better place. Check your state's Lemon Law. You would be very wise to go to the dealership and let them replace this and that as many times as needed to comply with the law.Do make sure that your visits are documented proving that you were there for the same reason each time and that each visit is counted separately showing that GM failed to fix the same problem over and over. The Lemon Law will allow you to get out of that vehicle and recover the costs and get into something hopefully better and safer.If you are like some of the rest of us who haven't had this defect show up until after the vehicle is over a year old...we can either sit here like a bunch of modern day sheep and say “oh well, I guess I have to accept what is being fed to me” or we can do what previous generations have done and say “No. I don't accept this. As a consumer, I demand to be treated fairly.” This would mean actually taking action. Do you know that after I read all of these posts all over the internet, I went to the website for the NHTSA (search for the link) and I see ONE, only ONE mention of this issue from a consumer. The NHTSA is supposedly responsible for launching investigations based on numbers of complaints. I don't know if it will work, but shouldn't we try? GM is reading these forums and laughing all the way to the bank while we can't afford to keep our vehicles on the road due to a defect that GM needs to take responsibility for. If you think writing in this forum is somehow going to force GM to do the right thing, it isn't.

As just another middle class person, that funded GM's bailout along with the rest of you, I'm asking you to take a moment to get your complaint on the NHTSA website and other sites that might actually make a difference. The numbers matter. We have to get this on record and seen by the right people so that GM can't deny their knowledge of it.

I know I can't afford to throw thousands of dollars away on this Traverse just to go through the motions and still have a defective vehicle. It sickens me to read that so many of you have had to do it,not to mention the danger we are putting ourselves in when we drive ourselves and loved ones around with this going on. Isn't the safety and the money worth taking action that might actually have an effect?