Hello , anybody that wants to have a diesel in theyr gaser let me know .

An other Member and i will open a shop here in Bradenton FL and do these swaps for way less then others ...because some are rip offs !!! ( SORRY )

It is way easyer then some companys will tell u and we figured out a way to do these PROFFESIONAL for ~5500-6500 Bucks complete with everything u need.
This Price is based on 350 vortec to 6.5 l TD intercooled , other extras to gain even more power are avbl. !!!

Most likeley i am offering this to models from 95-99 for the above price.

We can do older or newer ones as well !!!!

We will look in to Duramax and other, in the near future ( depends on how many will be interested ) !!!!

But the 6.5 TD is a very reliable engine .

So why not get more power and gain way better milage then a gas engine .

If u pull a boat,or any other trailer u will be surpriced about how much farther and easyer u can go !

Contact me any time per PM , Scott

PS. to the moderators here, i hope i stuck this in the correct area if not i am sorry !!!!